Renaissance of DSAI, the Teflon man

Renaissance of DSAI, the Teflon man 

DSAI’s enemies ‘pressured’ the ‘Permatang Pau doctors’ to issue a ‘doctored political death certificate’, attempting to bury him alive (politically) although he was never politically died.

Bravo PP voters, congratulations for the successful resuscitation of our beloved hero, your prided proverbial son.

Now virtually resurrected, (politically) Teflon man DSAI is, Insya Allah, on the way to concur Putra Jaya.

 Read Malaysiakini news here at, Anwar to be sworn in tomorrow.”

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia announced this morning that Anwar Ibrahim, the new member of parliament for Permatang Pauh, will be sworn in tomorrow.

Anwar makes his return to the House in grand style after an absence of 10 years by winning the Permatang Pauh by-election yesterday with a majority of 15,671. 

The de facto PKR leader is also expected to be appointed parliamentary opposition leader for the 81 Pakatan Rakyat MPs.

“Look who got buried!’

G Krishnan: Well, the sheer display of arrogance has once again been rewarded with what amounts to being nothing short of an embarrassing and humiliating defeat in Permatang Pauh.

All that venom, all that despicable personal attacks on Anwar, all that fear-mongering, all the race-baiting, all those big guns of the party, and all that money poured into the by-election, and what does they have to show for it?

I believe most reasonable people would conclude that the voters had sent a clear message several months back. But that message did not seem to resonate at the Putra World Trade Centre.

I must admit that even as I type these words, I’ve got a grin on my face that stretches from one ear to the other. Oh, how sweet it is to see the likes of Khairy and Najib with egg on their faces.

All I will say for now is: ‘Hey! Look who got ‘buried’!

Kenny Gan: Anwar has won Permatang Pauh with a thumping majority of more than 15,000 despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him by the BN machinery and polling held on a working day.

This is a convincing victory which declares that all the races, Malays included, endorse PR’s multi-racial politics.

The huge support given to Anwar during nomination day and throughout the campaigning period shows clearly that the popularity enjoyed by Anwar.

The clarion call has sounded. The people have spoken. It is now up to all conscientious MPs from BN to jump ship and realise the Malaysian dream of a fair and accountable government.

23PSI: Thank you Permatang Pauh. Thank you for not buying into the racist and bigoted campaign. In doing so you voted for a better future for all Malaysians. As for Khairy Jamaluddin, what was that you were saying about burying Anwar’s political career?

AR Anpu: 


  • Hidup Anwar!
  • Hidup Pakatan!
  • Hidup Reformasi!
  • Hidup Malaysia!
  • Hidup Negara Kita!
  • Hidup Malaysians!
  • We love and die for our country. 
  • Malaysia is the best and Malaysians are the best!
  • Malay, Chinese, Indians and others are no more for we are all Malaysians of our motherland Malaysia.
  • Today is ia new year – Aug 26, 2008. Anwar, lead us with your leadership to enable us to be the best.

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