8888 from Sitmone

Twenty Years ago..

There was No Internet

There were No Cell Phones..             

To tell the truth of what actually happened behind…

The invisible wall of the World’s Biggest Jail

Known as Burma…

There were killings of innocents..

The day and date were known among Burmese as 8888!


Global community paid little attention

Probably because , only a few experts knew about the injustice

Done to the people of Burma by the Tyrants..

Led by the Dictator Ne Win..

Thousands of people perished…

By Gun shot wounds…


Young and Old ..        

Men and women..

Mother and Children..

Most of them were killed,

Some of them escaped to Malaria infested Jungles…

Then, separation,detention, torture, and,

Dirty political tricks…and more injustice continued..

Looming over Burma for two decades..

Mothers waiting for Sons,

Wives waiting for husbands,

Children waiting for parents…

Who never return…

But they could not see the crying souls around them…

Because they are in a different dimension..

Beyond one’s knowledge..

However their voice can be heard…

In a form of bad dreams… still asking for…

The Freedom of Burma..

When one wakes up in the middle of the night..

And wishing the dream to be just a dream..

However those dreams..

Haunt those who are still alive..

To accomplish the unfulfilled task..

That unfortunate souls sacrificed for..

Are we guilty?

Sit Mone

The Title of  poem has been changed from “Are We Guilty” to “”Peace and justice are indivisible” .

The Idea is from my blogger friend  Sophie,..Many Thanks to Sophie for giving me a thought provoking and beautiful title for this poem.

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