Arbitrary Rule by Law and Racial Discriminations causing difficulties even for the Burmese Muslim professionals’ migration to Malaysia

Arbitrary Rule by Law and Racial Discriminations

causing difficulties even for

the Burmese Muslim professionals’ migration to Malaysia 


I am very disappointed with the treatment of all the Burmese including even the Burmese Muslim professionals as 10th. GRADE FOREIGNERS in Malaysia. It is disheartening to see the special favours given to the Indonesians, Malay ethnic groups from Phillipines, Thai, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bosnia Muslims and even to non Muslims from rich countries but we are treated as unwanted pariah foreigners in Malaysia.


Although UN, US State Department and International NGOs’ reports of persecution of Muslims in Myanmar, authorities here always pretending as if those were not true, to justify their refusal to give shelter to us.


For them not only business and friendship with SPDC Generals is usual as if nothing happened but they always tried to coverup those criminal Myanmar leaders. They even shielded those anti-Muslim generals from the punishment of the western democratic countries.


Tun Dr M declared during the preparation of accepting Burma into Asean that if the west boycott Burma, Malaysia could act as an intermediary to export and import for Burma. Allah’s fury of 1998 Asean economic trouble is now history.


But his successor is also not wiser nor better  anyway. During the Aseam meeting after the Saffron revolution, he persuaded Asean members not to take action on Myanmar Generals. Witty Singaporeans had recorded his words and broadcasted in Singapore.


We could understand them that their country, Malaysia needs to have a good relations with Myanmar for its economic interest and investments. But why ignore us even in this country and deny to extend us the numerous favourable treatments they are giving to other foreigners.


I am writing here again to prove the UNFAIR treatment of this so called a Muslim country, EVEN on Burmese Muslim professionals trying to migrate legally from anti Islam Burmese Government. (Not Asylum seeking)


I had a fellow Burmese Rohingya Muslim friend, Dr. K. (not Datuk K) at first worked in ABIM but later got the job in UM and UKM and stayed and wasted his time waiting in Malaysia to get a PR for 14 years. When DSAI was DMP, former ABIM President Encik A.A.A.R.  even followed him, in about 1996, to KDN and seen a little Napoleon VIP named  MZ. But was even denied not only PR but the simple continuation or extension of his Employment Pass although UKM need his service and agreed to extend the contract. 


Dr. K. got the MBBS (Burma)  and MSc in Computer Science from UKM, Malaysia. At last he was fed-up with this Muslim country and took his whole family  to a more democratic Australia where Rule of Law and Human Rights (more equal Rights) prevail. He went there with the tourist visa obtained through a travel agent and applied for the Asylum/PR immediately on arrival.


  • He got the PR approval letter within THREE MONTHS. (Here, he wasted 14 years)
  • He even got the phone call few days earlier congratulating and informing about the approval letter in the post.
  • The letter stated that except for the right to vote and get voted as a representative the whole family will get all the facilities as the Australian Citizens. ( Here PR holders are severely discriminated even in education field)
  • Later he got congratulatory letters from his children’s school, his college (doing another Master) and offer of refund of fees given earlier. (We could not even dream like this here)
  • And even got letters from few MPs congratulating and offering help. (here is different)


Christian dominent Australia had shamed the Malaysia, so called an Islamic Nation and OIC Chairman, for the way they are treating the Minority Muslim, undeniably oppressed by Burmese Generals. They just use Islam to fish votes from Muslim citizens and to cook favour and investment from rich Muslim countries.


It is more shameful if we look at Australia’s political scenario at that time in 2006.

  • The time of profiling Muslims as terrorists globally,
  • after the recent riots of Muslim Arab youths’ gang fights with White Australians at Beaches,
  • revealing of some white girls gang raped cases by Muslim criminals there,
  • and capped by the mob attack on Australian PM’s car by Muslim protesters even hit with shoes
  • no one could believe this! And the icing of the cake is: Mrs K is quite dark, could not speak English well and wore head scarf.


And the Australian Home Affair official approval letter even stated that he could get Australian Citizen in 2 years. Those getting PR after 1-1-2007 must wait for 4 years to get citizenship.


  • Here although I stayed for 25 years,
  • got PR  many years ago
  • but the NRD counter still even refused to issue Citizenship application forms to me because I am not eligible yet.
  • I have to wait another one year more to be eligible to apply.
  • They advised me to appeal to PM.
  • I appeal twice but I was lucky to get a reply letter that I must follow the procedure.


But why others  are allowed to jump queue.

  • Where is the Rule of Law?
  • They prefer their own race Malay/Indons, even if they are drivers, hawkers or toilet cleaners.
  • And they became instant Bumiputras, just see the previous Chief Minister of Selangor’s father was (reported in New Strait Times) a migrant lorry driver.
  • And don’t forget that many of the Bali bombers are vetted and issued PR and citizenship by your home ministry.


And the process of Citizen Application may take few dozens of years. I am more than 60 now. I am sure I have to follow the path of my FIRST GENERATION Burmese Muslim Migrants to die before I get the Malaysian Citizenship. (Any way I was threatened by some authorities that I would not be granted the Blue IC or citizenship.)


For me, even if they give me Gold IC or Platinum IC or Citizenship to stay 100 of years also no use if Almighty Allah called me very soon.


I hope and pray to Allah to protect me for writting this for the sake of other Burmese Muslims.








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