Dear MPs Don’t learn this from Taiwan and Try At Home!

Taiwan legislators from the DPP and Kuomintang fight in Parliament in Taipei. Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties failed to agree on how an independent National Communications Commission, set up to monitor the media, should be formed.

Malaysiakini’s VoxPop: ‘Our MPs won’t learn anything in Taiwan’

On49 BN MPs off to Taiwan beginning today 

Sam: I have worked in the agricultural sector in Sarawak for the past thirty years and have been a farmer all my life. ……read more in Malaysiakini’s VoxPop:

Lawmakers from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party try to occupy a parliament speaker’s seat in a bid to prevent the proceedings of an opposition bill.

Taiwan’s parliament is notorious for fistfights, with many lawmakers enjoying the media attention when brawls erupt.

The Legislature reconvened after a holiday to consider the proposal put forward by the opposition Nationalist Party to set up the new media watchdog.

But the debate didn’t really go to plan as these amazing pictures show.

Chang Shou-wen, legislator from Taiwan’s main opposition Kuomintang, holds his face in agony after being hit in the fracas.

Chang Shou-wen covers his bleeding face after the scuffle. Plackards and boards were used as make-shift weapons in the fight.

“Democratic” Taiwan Parliament Slap – Women Fight

Taiwan Parliament Fight


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