Mizzima:Two killed nine injured in explosion in Burma’s Pegu division

Than Htike Oo

Friday, 12 September 2008 20:31
Chiang Mai – Two people were killed and nine seriously injured when two explosions occurred in Kyaukgyi town in Pegu division, Burma on Thursday evening.

The explosions, which were believed to be caused by landmines, occurred almost simultaneously near a video parlour and in front of a shop in the centre of the town, when a movie goer at the parlour came out and stepped on the mine, local residents said.

“The explosions took place near a video parlour and at a nearby medicine shop. We heard that two people died and nine others were severely injured in the blasts,” a local resident told Mizzima over telephone.

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Min Ko Naing Defiant at Hearing: Lawyer


Friday,September 12,2008

A lawyer for Min Ko Naing, a leading figure from Burma’s nationwide pro-democracy uprising in 1988, said that the detained activist was defiant when he appeared in court at Rangoon’s Insein Prison on Tuesday.

“You can sentence us to a thousand years in prison for our political activities, but we will continue to defend ourselves in accordance with the law. Nobody can hide from justice,” the lawyer quoted Min Ko Naing as saying to the presiding judge.

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Singapore and Myanmar ‘parliaments’ are ‘rubber-stamp centres’

Singapore and Myanmar ‘parliaments’

are ‘rubber-stamp centres’

Note:There is even no parliaments in Burma. Another similarity between those two dictator authoritian states is the fact that almost all the opposition leaders are annihilated effectively from the political scenes of respective countries.

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Myanmar-Singapore Drug Trade

Myanmar-Singapore Drug Trade

Singapore’s economic linkage with Burma is one of the most vital factors for the survival of Burma’s military regime,” says Professor Mya Maung, a Burmese economist based in Boston. This link, he continues, is also central to “the expansion of the heroin trade.”) Singapore has achieved the distinction of being the Burmese junta’s number one business partner -both largest trading partner and largest foreign investor. More than half these investments, totaling upwards of $1.3 billion, are in partnership with Burma’s infamous heroin kingpin Lo Hsing Han, who now controls a substantial portion of the world’s opium trade. The close political, economic, and military relationship between the two countries facilitates the weaving of millions of narco-dollars into the legitimate world economy

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Singapore and Myanmar, symbiosis story of twin Dictators

Singapore and Myanmar,

symbiosis story of twin Dictators

The Jakarta Post, Saturday, March 01, 2008, Opinion News

“S’pore and Myanmar junta” by Djoko Susilo

President George W. Bush recently issued an executive order, banning Americans from doing business with companies controlled by persons or institutions related to the Myanmar junta.

Many of the companies blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department are listed and operating in Singapore. On top of the list is Asia World Ltd., which is controlled by Steven Law and his father Lo Hsing Han. Both of them are good friends of Gen. Than Shwe.

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