Mizzima:Two killed nine injured in explosion in Burma’s Pegu division

Than Htike Oo

Friday, 12 September 2008 20:31
Chiang Mai – Two people were killed and nine seriously injured when two explosions occurred in Kyaukgyi town in Pegu division, Burma on Thursday evening.

The explosions, which were believed to be caused by landmines, occurred almost simultaneously near a video parlour and in front of a shop in the centre of the town, when a movie goer at the parlour came out and stepped on the mine, local residents said.

“The explosions took place near a video parlour and at a nearby medicine shop. We heard that two people died and nine others were severely injured in the blasts,” a local resident told Mizzima over telephone.

The injured were rushed to Kyuak Gyi Township hospital.

Though armed rebel groups, fighting the ruling junta, are reported to be present in Kyaugyi town, such blasts are considered rare.

Earlier on July 14, a bomb exploded on a passenger bus, which was plying between Rangoon to Kyuak Gyi town, near Dike Oo town in Pegu division killing one and injuring another.

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