That government is best which governs least

That government is best which governs least

“That government is best which governs least”

 Henry David Thoreau. (1817-62)

Thoreau was paraphrasing the motto of ”The United States Magazine and Democratic Review”: “The best government is that which governs least.” Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations by 1989,

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Hong Kong scores highest in judiciary survey, Malaysia 7th

from:The Malaysian Insider

SINGAPORE, Sept 15 – Regional financial centres Hong Kong and Singapore have the best judicial systems in Asia, with Indonesia and Vietnam the worst, a survey of expatriate business executives showed.

In the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (Perc) survey, Hong Kong”s judicial system topped the vote with a score of 1.45 on a scale on which zero represents the best performance and 10 the worst.

Regional rival Singapore was in second place with a grade of 1.92, followed by Japan (3.50), South Korea (4.62), Taiwan (4.93) and the Philippines (6.10).

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Kachins’ struggle for survival nipped in the bud

Written by Hkahku Gam

Wednesday, 10 September 2008 12:33

Burma, a golden land has projected its dignity in terms of civil roles in un-erased memories down through half a century since independence. Moreover there have been a lot of disloyalties through centralized manipulation of state sovereignty by its bureaucrats through implementation of military might.

On the one hand there is no single myth, so to say, that the core norm of the federal principle of Panglong had been initiated in terms of establishing the Union of Burma. Rather there has been political euthanasia towards its own citizens, especially on the ethnic population who have been singled out in the formation of a Burmese Buddha monarchical anarchy.  


Paradoxically there have been fights between Burmese monarchical politics on the one side by a handful of bureaucrats and the federal principles on the other by citizens. Being a bipolar State it has been a prolonged fight for over five decades that has ended under the trap of the regime without any change in the state. There has been alienation of human rights, devaluation of federal principles, and humiliation by the military, violation of humanity, ethnic cleansing programmes with drug, immorality and sexual harassment of the ethnics. Now is the time to fight the evil.

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Suhakam: Protect rights of foreign workers

HUMAN Rights Commissioner Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam said stern measures must be taken to put a stop to the ever-increasing problems of foreign workers being cheated in this country.

The report in Tamil Nesan quoted him as saying that steps should be taken to ensure that the Memo-randum of Understanding (MoU) on foreign labour, which has been signed with many countries be followed.

Siva Subramaniam said the MoU guranteed the foreign worker’s basic rights, job, health, surroundings, safety and compensation.

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Why measure clinic’s doors and floor?

I GRADUATED as a medical doctor in 1983, and have been running a specialist heart clinic since 1994.

I am keen to be an up-to-date, ethical doctor and have written letters and articles in Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association, Singapore Medical Journal and British Medical Journal among others.

I regularly give educational talks to doctors and the public.

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