A benevolent charismatic adorable chameleon named DSAI

A benevolent charismatic adorable chameleon named DSAI


His agenda for Islam in Malaysia is one he’s been pursuing in speeches and writings for many years:Malaysia should keep Islam as its state religion, but not become an Islamic state, accepting its pluralism.


  • But his jail ordeal strengthened his concern for freedom.
  • “Being six years in prison, solitary confinement, teaches you quite a lot,” he said.
  • “The passion for democracy, for justice, is far more pronounced …
  • Basically these years of sojourn and wilderness did help.


“You empathise with people as people.


  • I am very Malay,
  • I love the language, I follow Indonesian literature a lot …
  • I am also a committed Muslim. I fast, I pray,


but that does not make us intolerant of other cultures.”

“So who am I?” Anwar says.


  • “They say I’m a chameleon because to the Western journalists I sound liberal,
  • to the Muslim crowd I echo the Quran.
  • “It’s true — I don’t go into the little village and quote Shakespeare,
  • and when I talk to Chinese I use a few words of their language and quote Confucius.


But the fundamental pillars remain unchanged …


  • I am still a Malay,
  • a committed Muslim,
  • and very much a Malaysian.”


The Age


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