Body Language and the Interview

Body Language and the Interview

 The job market has tightened, the economy is down and you’ve got to find a job, now. You have a job interview coming up and you need every possible advantage to win that job. What do you do?

Recent studies have shown that employers will form an opinion of you within the first 10 minutes of the interview. 

But here’s the kicker: It’s not always based on what you actually say, but on something we term “body language.” For instance, 85 percent of what you communicate is not with words.  It’s through the tone of your voice, the way you sit and a wealth of other messages that your body involuntarily sends.  This is according to Greg Hartley, a body language expert who earned his chops with 20 years as an interrogator in the Army.

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Those who believe, and migrate and strive in Allah’s cause


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. 

Brother, thanks for your touching question, which reminds us of Hijrah, the turning point in Islamic history, as you have stated. Hijrah, no doubt, kindled the light of hope in the hearts of the early Muslims who set a shinning example for all Muslims, in every generation, to emulate.

Hijrah, in essence, is a process of transfer to a better situation. It is not meant to find a comfortable place where one would relax and stop endeavor. Rather, it is a search for an environment more favorable to continuous and constructive effort. Immediately after reaching Madinah, the Prophet undertook an all-embracing process to establish a faithful and strong society. This is a significant aspect and important lesson to learn from Hijrah. 

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The Hijrah, migration’s impact on worldwide civilizations



The Hijrah, migration’s impact on worldwide civilizations

The significance of Hijrah (the migration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Makkah to Madinah) is not limited to the Islamic history or to the Muslims. The Hijrah not only reshaped — socially and politically — the Arab Peninsula, but also had its impact on worldwide civilizations.

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The True Islamic Morals

The True Islamic Morals 

The True Islamic MoralsSome people who say they are acting in the name of religion may misunderstand their religion or practice it wrongly. For this reason, it is a mistake to form any idea of that religion from the activities of these people. The best way to understand Islam is through its holy source. 

The holy source of Islam is the Qur’an; and the model of morality in the Qur’an is completely different from the image of it formed in the minds of some westerners. The Qur’an is based on the concepts of morality, love, compassion, mercy, modesty, self-sacrifice, tolerance and peace, and a Muslim who truly lives according to these moral precepts is highly refined, thoughtful, tolerant, trustworthy and accommodating. To those around him he gives love, respect, peace of mind and a sense of the joy of life. 

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The Era of the Four Caliphs and the Golden Age

The Era of the Four Caliphs and the Golden Age 

The Era of the Four Caliphs and the Golden AgeDuring the era of the Four Caliphs, which followed the death of Prophet Muhammad (saas), Islam spread far beyond the boundaries of the Arabian Peninsula. It was a time when Muslims won great victories and lived in comfortable ease—in all, a good foretaste of the Golden Age predicted by the Prophet (saas). 

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Living One’s Destiny is a Source of Peace and Comfort for Believers

Living One’s Destiny is a Source of Peace and Comfort for Believers



 The way that Muslims encounter various difficulties and troubles in their daily lives is both a test and also a means of happiness in contrast with the life of Paradise they hope to enjoy in the Hereafter. It is a source of pleasure coming from contrasting trouble with ease, comfort and well-being. It is a blessing from the Compassionate, that increases believers’ respect and love for such people in this world, that allows them to take them as role models and that causes them to have a positive influence on others, and that has many benefits and beauties. 
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Islam’s Acceptance of Judaism and Christianity

Islam’s Acceptance of Judaism and Christianity 

Islam's Acceptance of Judaism and ChristianityWe are living in an era in which the world is desperately in need of peace, friendship, and solidarity. The tensions and conflicts that so defined the twentieth century continue in this new century, and innocent people all around the world continue to suffer from them. 

Despite the urgent need for solidarity and cooperation, certain circles are inciting conflict, particularly conflict between the world’s two greatest and deep-rooted civilizations. This issue needs to be scrutinized, as the war of civilizations that they envisage would have disastrous consequences for humanity. One of the best ways of preventing such a disaster is to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between these civilizations. This is not a hard task, as there are no fundamental differences between Islam and the Judeo-Christian western world. To the contrary, there is much common ground between them. Considering the current situation and the nature of the world’s problems, these shared values will make the cooperation necessary for solving them possible. 

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Diamonds are forever, the hardest of all minerals

Diamonds are forever, the hardest of all minerals

The Hardest of MineralsWhat do a glittering diamond and a lead pencil have in common? Diamonds are very hard and the graphite of the pencil’s tip is very soft. These two different substances contain a wonderful proof of creation called carbon. 

A rough, unpolished diamond is the hardest of all minerals.( L. Vlasanov & D. Trifonov, 107 stories About Chemistry, Mir Publishers, 1977.) For this reason, a crystal diamond is used to cut and to drill all kinds of material and is also used as an abrasive to smooth surfaces. 

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The essence of tadbir:governance, management or administration

The essence of tadbir:

 governance, management or administration


The word signifies an understanding that governance, whether at the level of intellectual discourse or at the stage of implementation, is actually about “managing management” or “administering administration.”


SHOULD it be tadbir urus or urus tadbir?

Those of us who have been reading some recent writings in Malay on “governance” or more specifically, “good governance,” would have encountered the aforementioned two compound words, although not many of us may have thought it worthwhile to investigate which of the two usages is correct.

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Will Thamanya Sayadaw’s Body Ever Rest in Peace?

Will Thamanya Sayadaw’s Body Ever Rest in Peace?


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Believe it or not: Than Shwe the cannibal


Body snatchers cart off the remains of a legendary abbot. Is the theft linked to the junta, the result of astrologers’ advice, a jealous rival abbot, or was it the action of loyal disciples?

IT was a dark night on April 2 when the body of the revered U Winaya, the Thamanya Sayadaw (abbot), one of Burma’s holiest monks, was mysteriously stolen.

According to the guard on duty, a group of unidentified armed men drove up to the building, tied him up, and demanded the key to the bullet-proof glass leading to the tomb where the body of the Thamanya Sayadaw, who died in 2003, was kept.

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The Joke’s on the SPDC Generals

The Joke’s on the SPDC Generals

Laughter is a sharp weapon in the hands of Burma’s regime critics

BURMA is under siege and the crackdown on anti-regime monks and activists has intensified, continuing day and night. The bloodshed in Burma in September 2007 and the regime’s inadequate, heartless response to the cyclone the following May ignited worldwide anger, directed at regime leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe. Yet through it all, the callous, stubborn general remained a figure of fun, arousing mirth as well as outrage.


Rambo meets “Rum Bo.”

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Workers abroad affected by economic downturn

  Workers abroad affected by economic downturn 

   Malaysian workers abroad affected by economic downturn 


With the world economy plummeting, there is fear that more Malaysians abroad will be jobless and may head home, thus putting pressure on the already tight job market here.

Malaysians working in Singapore are the first to feel the heat and are returning home because they have been retrenched.

Workers from other countries may be coming home soon as the economic situation gets worse.

The job market here is now loaded with some 2.1 million legal foreigners which was about 20 per cent of the total workforce, and unless some of these workers are “off loaded”, it would be difficult for those returning Malaysians to get jobs.

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Great, greater and greatest Depressions

Great, greater and greatest Depressions


SINGAPORE, Nov 1, 2008 — Most share prices have dropped by half, if not more. The jobless queue gets longer each day. Demand for foreign workers also plunges and they are sent home in droves.

As big businesses struggle to stay afloat, many small businessmen give up and become illegal hawkers, selling cooked food and fruits.

It is a picture of hard times few in Singapore remember but today, 80 years since the Great Depression, such images of growing layoffs, increasing business failures and crowds of foreign workers being packed off home may well morph into harsh realities next year.

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Medical discrimination or discrimination on disabled in Australia

Medical discrimination or discrimination on disabled in Australia



SYDNEY, Nov 1 – Thirteen-year-old Lukas Moeller has Down’s syndrome. His father is a doctor who came to Australia from Germany to help fill a shortage of physicians in rural communities.

But now Australia has rejected Dr Bernhard Moeller’s application for residency, saying Lukas does not meet the “health requirement” and would pose a burden on taxpayers for his medical care, education and other services.

The case has provoked an outcry in the rural region of southeastern Victoria state, where Moeller is the only internal medicine specialist for a community of 54,000 people. Residents rallied outside Moeller’s practice this week demanding the decision be overturned, and hundreds of Internet and radio complaints from across the country bombarded media outlets Friday.

Moeller vowed to fight the immigration department ruling.

“We like to live here, we have settled in well, we are welcomed by the community here and we don’t want to give up just because the federal government doesn’t welcome my son,” he told reporters Friday.

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