Flexible permits for foreign specialists

Flexible permits for foreign specialists


COMMENT:I have few bad experiences with government departments, including Immigration, Malaysian Medical Council etc. (I have to waste few years to change hospital although one very senior minister assured the same thing like this at the WTO meeting.) (Just look at the car import duties. After signing tax reduction or tax free agreements, they charge sales tax or with other name again.

They are quite stubborn and refused to accept the ministers or even the PM’s words in the newspapers or TVs. Don’t trust them.

Just see the recent AG’s officers words in the court regarding our beloved PM’s assurance on TV and newspapers regarding DSAI.

PETALING JAYA: Foreign skilled knowledge workers need not reapply for new work permits if they switch employers as long as their present permits are valid.

However, the Human Resources Ministry wants to discuss the finer details of this new ruling with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs and the Home Ministries before implemeting it next year.

It’s only for those who are specialists, (need clear definition as salesmen are nowadays sales executive, and how abouut massage specialist? )who come under the heading of professionals (traditional herbal or acupunture specialists from China?) to be given the work permits. They can come and work in companies of their choice,” said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam yesterday.

He said the difference from the present system was that foreign professionals would not have to return to their home country and reapply for their work permits with another company that wanted to hire them.

They can finish their contracts (catch point? permit periods are never more than contract time!!!)and switch to another company without having to reapply as long as their individual permits are valid,” he said.

As for foreign skilled workers already here when the new ruling comes into effect, he said they could complete their current terms and apply under the new system.

Under the new economic stimulus package unveiled by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, companies have to apply for work permits for their foreign skilled workers before they bring them into the country.

Under the new ruling that applies only to skilled knowledge workers, the work permit will be granted to the individual to allow the person to work before entering the country.

But unskilled workers could be easily recruited by outsourcing companies!!!

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