Obama: American dream! Daw Suu Myanmar nightmare!

Obama: American dream!

Daw Suu, Myanmar nightmare!


Although most of the African Americans were brought into America as slaves, Americans showed their respect for the Human Rights to the whole world proudly by practically voting in Mr Obama.

But BAMA (written as Myanmar) military generals shamelessly showed their disrespect for the Human Rights by jailing the people’s elected leader Daw Suu, who happened to be Burmese Buddhist and the daughter of their army’s founding father, General Aung San. Their shameless excuse was that she had married a foreigner who had already passed away. 

So it is no wonder, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities and mixed blooded people are treated with utter contempt and regarded even as second or third grade citizens or sometimes even denied the citizenship or even as sub-human beings because they treated inhumanely.

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Children in Burma: Money for molasses

Barbara L. Salisbury and Betsy Pisik
Sunday, November 9, 2008


MANDALAY, Burma | As the sun breaks over the horizon on Mandalay Bay, a little boy with bulging ribs pulls on a pair of too-large shorts and grabs a plastic bowl.

A young mother collects 2,200 kyat (a little more than two U.S. dollars) for the molasses that her children have spent all day on the beach collecting. This money can make a big difference for the families who live along the water’s edge next to the Mandalay Tourist Jetty. This money will help feed and clothe the entire family. The child, who is 9 but looks younger, scampers with other boys and girls across the beach, scraping up puddles of molasses spilled onto the sand, salty wooden ramps and ship holds as cargo is loaded and unloaded at the busy Mandalay Bay Tourist Jetty.

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AFP:Bangladesh boosts presence on Myanmar border

DHAKA (AFP) — Bangladesh has deployed more troops along its border with Myanmar, a military official said late Saturday, as tensions between the two countries simmer over a disputed stretch of water.

Colonel Mohammad Anisuzzaman, of the border Bangladesh Rifles, told AFP that extra troops had been deployed in the past two days along the 271-kilometre (168-mile) border it shares with military-ruled Myanmar.

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