“Tha Zin” Burmese songs and Taw Win (Royal) Thazin

Taw Win  Thazin

(Royal Thazin)

“Tha Zin”


Sai Htee Saing

Thazin, Bulbophyllum auricomum



Zaw One


 Mysterious Jewels of the Jungle
by Ma Thanegi

Orchids have mesmerized people for centuries and continue to work their enchantment. Like beautiful dryads of mythology, they weave spells with their beauty, and tease their owners with their moods and whims. They bloom if they will, depending on weather, atmosphere and probably sheer willfulness. They flop over and die if they so wish. To grow them is like looking after a bevy of beautiful prima donnas. 

The name orchid comes from the Latin orchis, while the Bama name Thit Khwa simply means “Fork of a tree”… where they are most likely to be found. The most loved orchid of Myanmar however is not known by this name: it is Thazin, (Bulbophyllum auricomum) which blooms with tiny white flowers in graceful sprays that grow out of a small, bright-green, pear shaped bulb. Moreover, they are headily fragrant.

Once they used to be so rare that on pain of death no commoner however wealthy was allowed to wear it in the hair. It was only meant for queens and princesses and special envoys had to go deep into the jungles to bring back some with due pomp and ceremony. The best comes from the Rakhine Yoma mountain ranges. Now people grow it easily with bulbs collected from the jungles but even then it is an expensive flower that brides drape around their high chignons. With many exotic orchids available, the fragile purityof Thazin and its light perfume suits the bride as no other flower can.


Scientific Name: Bulbophyllum auricomum
Myanmar Name: Tha Zin (Royal Flower)
Native Country : Myanmar , Thailand, Sumatra, Java
Sweet Scented flower and blossom in winter (November -January).

Common Name The Golden Haired Bulbophyllum – In Burma Ta-zeen-ban

Flower Size 1/5″ [5 mm]

Found in Thailand, Burma, Sumatra and Java in lowland seasonal forests as a miniature to small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with 3.8 to 3/4″ spaced, ovoid-oblong pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 3, apical, deciduous, rather thin leaves that are often not present at blooming which is on an arching, basal, to 8 3/4″ [22 cm] long, racemose, many [25] flowered inflorescence occuring in the late fall and early winter and has fragrant flowers

Synonyms Bulbophyllum foenisecii C.S.P.Parish ex Rchb.f. 1865; Bulbophyllum tripetaloides (Roxb.) Schltr. 1914; Dendrobium tripetaloides Roxb. 1832; Phyllorchis auricoma (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; The Orchids of Burma Grant 1895/95; A to Z of SE Asian Orchids O’Byrne 2001; Bulbophyllum and Their Allies Seigerist 2001; Orchid Genera in Thailand VIII Bulbophyllum Thou. Seidenfadden 1990; Orchids of Java Comber 1990; Orchids of Sumatra Comber 2002

The following is other type of flower with similar name

Gaw Tha Zin flowers




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