Irrawaddy:Hip-Hop Performer among Latest Victims of Court Crackdown


One of the most popular performers on Burma’s music scene, hip-hop star Zayar Thaw, was sentenced to six years imprisonment by a Rangoon court on Thursday for his involvement in anti-regime protests.

Zayar Thaw was among at least 20 detainees sentenced on Thursday in Burma’s continuing trials of opposition activists and members of the National League for Democracy. Six are members of the Generation Wave, a group of young activists formed during the September 2007 uprising.

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Quotations from Abdul Razak’s interview

Quotations from Abdul Razak’s interview


  1. Abdul Razak began the press conference today, by reading a two-page statement in which he cited passages from Shakespeare’s Henry IV and also Martin Luther – alluding to the lies he has to deal with and public perception.
  2. Abdul Razak quoted Shakespeare: “A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
  3. “The truth is the truth and nothing can change the truth.”
  4. “It seems no one??? is interested anymore in knowing the truth. Some quarters have made concerted effort to twist and turn the story.
  5. Lies and baseless assumptions became the basis of so-called truth and the real truth has become irrelevant and lost in translation,” stressed Abdul Razak.

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Malaysia’s Prince warns of dangers in rejecting diversity

Malaysia’s Prince warns of dangers in rejecting diversity


PETALING JAYA: Multicultural societies are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in the world but people are failing to create a sense of community in such societies, Raja Nazrin said.

“Contrary to the rhetoric, however, it is not becoming a source of strength. Instead race, culture and religion have become the dominant discourse,” the Perak Raja Muda said.

He said if the world continued on its present path, “great dangers lie ahead,” he said.

He said this in his address at the Diversity Matters Forum on Diaspora in the Commonwealth at Monash University’s Sunway campus here yesterday.

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Myanmars see red on green, red and blue ICs for chosen race only

Myanmars see red on green, red and blue ICs

because they are mainly reserved for one chosen race only

against the Rule of Law and Islamic teachings

COMMENT: Why Burmese/Myanmars esp Muslims and even Professionals are unfairly discriminated in this country?

Sabah politicians see red on green ICs

The Home Minister had recently pledged that “everyone in Malaysia would have an identity, but not necessarily a Malaysian one” when agreeing to accept applications for green ICs.

Green identity cards – abandoned in 2004 – are temporary documents issued to stateless persons with Malaysian birth certificates.

Eligible too are foreign spouses to Malaysians and those holding the IMM13 refugee status card.

It was learnt that those without any documents can still apply for the green ICs provided they are sponsored by their employers.

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Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation criticised Malaysia for denying basic protection to foreign workers

Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation 

criticised Malaysia for denying basic protection to foreign workers

Rela instrusion

bangladesh foreign workers migrants 030108ITUC criticised Malaysia for denying basic protection to foreign workers, citing the operations of the people’s volunteer corps Rela against undocumented migrants.

“(The) volunteer corps of civilians was involved in a series of human rights violations against migrant workers, who make up 15 to 20% of the workforce,” said ITUC.

Malaysia’s violation of trade union and workers’ rights came under fire from Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) in its annual survey of trade union rights violations.

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Cowards or eunuch OIC leaders

Cowards or eunuch OIC leaders

Organization of the Islamic Conference or OIC leaders are cowards or eunuchs by ignoring the plights of non-OIC member states’ downtrodden minority Muslims. See no one dare to protest against Communist China even after Christian BBC reported the atrocities on Chinese Muslims, based on the Communist Chinese official web page orders.

Communist China continues oppression of Islam and 24,000 mosques in Xinjiang

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World Refugee Survey 2008 – Malaysia


Malaysia government should consider the following upgrading process_

  1.  Undocumented migrants- to issue IMM13
  2. Documented, WP/EP holders- to issue Red ICs
  3. Red IC holders- to issue Blue ICs

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AP:Myanmar activist follows dad, grandfather to jail

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — A court in military-ruled Myanmar sentenced a student activist to 6 1/2 years in jail on Wednesday, a week after his father received a 65-year prison term for his own political activities and a decade after his grandfather died in custody.

Colleagues said Di Nyein Lin was one of three student activists sentenced by a court in a suburb of Yangon for various offenses, including causing public alarm and insulting religion. They spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

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