One in three of Malaysia’s workforce is foreign

Fernandez: Why I defend migrant workers

Fernandez: Why I defend migrant workers

“Migrants are human beings. They have the same rights as all of us,” so said Irene Fernandez when asked why she has dedicated her life to helping foreign workers whom Malaysians have invited into our country, and for some, into our homes.

“They are here for the good life we have and we have a responsibility to protect them while they are in our country. We are accountable for what we do to them.

irene fernandez interview 251108 01“Without them, we would not have the same economic growth we are enjoying today with the kind of cheap labour they are used for,” Fernandez told Malaysiakini in a one-hour interview at her office in Tenaganita. 

“Some of them go through the same kind of servitude and slavery that is supposedly banished from this country. If I’m in another country, I would expect the people there to protect me. If we cannot protect migrants, then we have no rights to have migrants here at all.”

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Malaysia PM: Muslims can practise yoga

Malaysia PM: Muslims can practise yoga

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Dear President Mr Obama, please kindly try to pull Myanmar generals to ICC

Dear President Mr Obama,

please kindly try to pull Myanmar generals to ICC

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Burma’s HIV/AIDS Crisis in Red Alert: MSF



About 25,000 people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2007 in Burma and 76,000 out of an estimated 240,000 people who are thought to be carrying HIV/AIDS urgently need antiretroviral treatment (ART), the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Tuesday.

The Geneva-based humanitarian aid organization said in its latest report “A Preventable Fate: The Failure of ART Scale-up in Myanmar,” that the situation for many people living with HIV/AIDS in the Southeast Asian Nation is critical due to a severe lack of lifesaving ART.

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CNN:Myanmar HIV/AIDS treatment crisis deepens

By :Patrice Poltzer

LONDON, England — Almost 25,000 people will die this year of HIV/AIDS in Myanmar unless lifesaving treatment is significantly increased, according to a new report.

The study produced by leading international humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders said the failure by the government to provide HIV/AIDS treatment to its people is putting the population at risk.

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The challenge of peaceful transition from dictatorship to an elected government

By:Tariku Debretsion

Issues of Social Justice, Change and Non-violence:

“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.” Mahatma Gandhi

When we call for, and take a stand for, world peace, we are inevitably faced with questions of social justice without which conflicts within nations and between different nations flare up and intensify.

In turn, when looking at issues of social justice, one of the most important areas of focus is that of democratic involvement of citizens in choosing leaders and influencing and directing decisions on how they are governed.

In the last few years, the struggles for democracy and democratic governments have created flash points and conflicts over different parts of the globe, such as in Myanmar (Burma), Tibet and Pakistan in Asia, different countries in Latin America, and Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe in Africa.

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