AP:Journalists caught in crackdown by Myanmar junta

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — A court in military-controlled Myanmar has imprisoned two journalists for seven years each for undermining the country’s ruling generals after being caught with a U.N. human rights report.

The court in a northeastern suburb of Yangon on Friday sentenced Thet Zin, editor of the local Myanmar-language journal Myanmar Nation, and Sein Win Maung, the paper’s manager, after convicting them of undermining the government under the country’s draconian Printing and Publishing Law.

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Housemanship can drive you crazy

COMMENT: Many consultants are arrogant and used to bully the housemen. Consultants, esp. in third word countries like Malaysia, almost always used to bully housemen till they are almost crazy.

Instead of current 36 ++hour duty, should consider shift duties. Some consultants are lazy and their super ego drive them to shout and blame the younger doctors. Look even last health minister went to see medical students and bullied them.

Better working conditions, please


The conditions that Malaysian junior doctors have to work in are ridiculous and frankly dangerous to patients.

Long working hours, sometimes exceeding 100 hours a week,

36-hour continuous shifts and stressful working environments, don’t you feel this might cause mental health issues in any normal human being?

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