But when did the Muslim’s real history start?

But when did the Muslim’s real history start?


But what about the Muslim’s prayer beads… MALAYSIAKINI, Anas Zubedy | Dec 2, 08 4:42pm


I refer to the Malaysiakini

Yoga declared ‘haram’ for Muslims

It is a norm today for the majority of Muslim scholars and Muslims generally to view Islam as an exclusive way of life. The need to differentiate Islam and Muslims from people of the other faiths is getting more and more pronounced. This has led to the need to draw the line clearly on what is Islamic and what is not.

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Ronaldo wins Golden Ball award

   Ronaldo wins Golden Ball award 


PARIS, Dec 2 — Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball awarded to the European Footballer of the Year today, becoming the fourth Manchester United player to take the award and the first since fellow winger George Best in 1968.

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All works and no play nor any extra-curricular activities made newly graduates jobless

All works and no play nor any extra-curricular activities

made newly graduates jobless

Malaysiakini’s letter, Nowadays, academic qualifications alone not enough,by P Sritharan 


What are we doing to our children? Gone are the days when our children only attended school and if necessary took tuition for specific subject. This meant they had quite a large amount of time for extra-curricular activities.

That is why we had large pool of candidates to represent us at the various levels in sports, debates, educational competitions, socialisation etc. The bulk of them also did not suffer any serious decay in their character and/or personalities.

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