Burma Banishes Hip-Hop Star and Others to Remote Prisons

Burma Banishes Hip-Hop Star

and Others to Remote Prisons

Relatives of imprisoned political dissidents in Burma said the country’s military rulers have dispatched seven more political detainees, including a hip-hop star, to prisons in remote areas of the country.

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Stop forcing, young doctors, till too tired for safety

Stop forcing, young doctors, till too tired for safety


WASHINGTON (AP)Doctors-in-training are still too exhausted, says a new report that calls on hospitals to let them have a nap. Regulations that capped the working hours of bleary-eyed young doctors came just five years ago, limiting them to about 80 hours a week.

Tuesday, the prestigious Institute of Medicine recommended easing the workload a bit more: Anyone working the maximum 30-hour shift should get an uninterrupted five-hour break for sleep after 16 hours.

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How Much (or How Little) Should Doctors-in-Training Work?

How Much (or How Little)

Should Doctors-in-Training Work?



Aaronsingh72x721_2Aaron Singh — It’s funny sometimes how raw materials at the beginning of a process differ so starkly from the end product. One of the most well-known examples is of course the diamond-making process; raw carbon isn’t much use to anyone, but throw it through extremes of pressure and temperature, and you get one of the most sought-after gems in the world. And any medical type can tell you that faeces looks quite different before it goes through the process that makes it faeces. Another process medical types can tell you about is the process that made them medical types in the first place: medical school.

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Young Docs in ‘good’ hands ? Sure?

Young Docs in ‘good’ hands ? Sure?

Comment:I had see a lot of arrogant, proud but lazy specialists and consultants who shouted at the MOs and HOs to cover up their own faults. If they were on call, they were supposed to be in the hospital or must come to attend or help their younger colleagues. Some of them went back home, some are lazy to help and they just show their anger and shouted others so that the younger doctors dare not call or disturb them.


Now, about the “public yelling, abuses and dressing down”.Just because you saw it once, it does not reflect the situation in the whole country. Of course I do not deny that there are a few bad apples amongst us who treat juniors very badly. But please look at the other side of the coin.

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Concerned over growing Islamophobia

Concerned over growing Islamophobia

Malaysiakini news by S Pathmawathy on Dec 4, 08, “Show proof of ‘double standards'”

....Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Dr Rais Yatim today expressed concern over the growing anti-Islam perception around the world following the Sept 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, said_

“Teasing and condemning Islam has worsened until an anti-Islam perception or Islamophobia has spread throughout the world labelling all Muslims as terrorist,” he told the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament). 

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