Five Pillars Of Islam

Five Pillars Of Islam

What are the Five Pillars Of Islam ???

Asalaam and Hello !

In Islam , we muslims believe in the five pillars of Islam. The five  pillars of Islam are essential and must be followed and completed and are the way of life for us. We must whole heartly abide and try to follow the five pillars of Islam.   

They are the following 5 …

 Sha’hadah – ( Declaration Of Faith )

There is no god worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is His messenger.

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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day


Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December.

The date was chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly‘s adoption and proclamation, on 10 December 1948, of theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the first global enunciation of human rights. The commemoration was established in 1950, when the General Assembly invited all states and interested organizations to celebrate the day as they saw fit.

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No UN push over Myanmar prisoners

No UN push

over Myanmar prisoners



”]Ban, left, visited Myanmar in May in the wake of Cyclone Nargis which devastated the country [AFP]

The UN secretary-general has said he will not travel to Myanmar despite a petition from more than 100 former world leaders to press the military government to release all political prisoners.

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Dreams from the Barack Obama’s grandfather

 Dreams from the 

Barack Obama’s grandfather

Beatings and abuse made Barack Obama’s grandfather loathe the British

The President-elect’s relatives have told how the family was a victim of the Mau Mau revolt

Ben Macintyre and Paul Orengoh

Mr Onyango served with the British Army in Burma during the Second World War and, like many army veterans, he returned to Africa hoping to win greater freedoms from colonial rule. 


Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the British during the violent struggle for Kenyan independence, according to the Kenyan family of the US President-elect.

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MIZZIMA:Obama’s grandfather’s connection to Burma

By Mizzima News

The grandfather of United States’ president-elect Barack Obama served in Burma during the Second World War, according to a report by the Times.

Hussein Onyango Obama, the paternal grandfather of Barack Obama, served as a cook with the British army in Burma during the Second World War, revealed yesterday’s article.

The Kenyan soldier, after returning to his motherland from Burma, became  involved in rebellion against British colonial rule and was subsequently detained and tortured, states the December 3rd report.

In Kenya, he was involved in supplying information to the Kikuyu Central Association, the group that spearheaded an independence movement that came to be known as the Mau Mau rebellion. He was arrested in 1949 and detained for two years.
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Former Leaders Urge UN to Press Burma on Prisoner Releases

Former Leaders Urge UN to Press Burma

on Prisoner Releases

COMMENT: The real problem is_ these leaders failed to pressure Myanmar generals when they were in power and the present world leaders also closed their eyes for the direct or indirect benifit of their countries.

NEW YORK — As many as 112 former presidents and prime ministers from more than 50 countries urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday to use his good offices to secure the release of all Burmese political prisoners by the end of the year.

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Zargarnar, Nay Phone Latt awarded by Reporters Without Border (RSF)

Zargarnar, Nay Phone Latt awarded

by Reporters Without Border (RSF)

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Despite being put away for years by the Burmese military junta, famous comedian and film director Zargarnar and blogger Nay Phone Latt were in international news on Thursday after being named winners of the ‘Cyber-Dissident’ award by the Paris-based media watchdog Reporters Without Border (RSF).

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Asean’s day dream or nightmare

Asean’s day dream or nightmare

Malaysiakini’s article by Josh Hong 

Extracts only

At an academic conference some years ago in Seoul, South Korea, Chua Beng Huat, a sociology professor at the National University of Singapore, remarked that Asean as a regional grouping had achieved nothing over the last few decades.

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