Bollywood hero to tackle Islam and terrorism

Bollywood hero to tackle Islam and terrorism 



India’s top Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan will star in a new movie exploring the issue of Islam in the post 9/11 world and the misperception that all Muslims are terrorists.

shahrukh khan“My Name is Khan” tells the story of six people with Muslim surnames who suffer suspicion and prejudice years after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

“The movie is about a Muslim person’s strife (in telling) people that ‘my name is Khan but I am not a terrorist’,” Khan told reporters after being conferred the governors’ award in Malacca in recognition of his 2001 film “One 2 Ka 4”, which was set there and boosted its profile as a tourist destination.

The Indian Muslim actor, whose wife is Hindu, also condemned religious fundamentalism and denounced acts of violence, saying that the Koran does not preach terror.

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Pilgrims flood Mecca for annual Haj


Pilgrims flood Mecca for annual Haj


Saudi Arabia has mobilised a force of 100,000 men to protect an estimated two million Muslim pilgrims starting the annual haj on Saturday, amid fears of attack or deadly stampedes.

The interior ministry said that in addition to many thousands of Saudis, an estimated 1.7 million of the faithful have descended on the kingdom from abroad to perform the annual rites.

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Brainstorming is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution to a problem. The method was first popularized in the late 1930s by Alex Faickney Osborn in a book called Applied Imagination. Osborn proposed that groups could double their creative output by using the method of brainstorming.[1]

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If our national hero, Malaysia’s first astronaut charge US$200,000 (RM720,000)++ for a lecture, the hell (will) broke

If our national hero, Malaysia’s first astronaut

charge US$200,000 (RM720,000)++ for a lecture,

the hell (will) broke 

COMMENT: Our national hero, Malaysia’s first astronaut was investigated for few thousand MR he charged for the lectures. Pity him.

Former US President Bill Clinton visited Malaysia yesterday to deliver his first paid speech since his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, was selected on Monday by US President-elect Barack Obama to be secretary of state.

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A rose is called by other names in different countries


A rose is called by other names in different countries

Speaking on a special interview with Riz Khan on satellite television station Al-Jazeera, Dr Mahathir said that Malays were in fact, the underdogs. 

Dr Mahathir said, “We are the underdog.”

“The shoe-polisher is not the Tuan (master).

The man who pays you is the Tuan.

I used to have a Chinese driver, he called me Tuan,” he quipped.

Dr Mahathir defended the Malay affirmative action policies in Malaysia despite the fact that Malays formed the majority of the country, whereas affirmative action in other countries were implemented to help minorities.

“It is not about majority or minority. It is to address the disparity.

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Dec 3, 2008 (DVB)–Burmese prime minister general Thein Sein’s claims that there are millions of job opportunities in Burma’s agricultural sector have met with scepticism from Burmese nationals inside and outside the country.

The prime minister said the impact of the global financial crisis on Burma was “insignificant” and said the country’s wealth of natural resources would ensure there were no shortages of food, clothing or shelter.

Thein Sein addressed a meeting of ministers, government officials and business leaders on Monday on the subject of developing the agricultural sector and boosting exports, the state-run New Light of Myanmar reported yesterday.

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DVB:Kyaw Zaw urges perseverance against Burmese regime

Dec 4, 2008 (DVB)–General Kyaw Zaw, a veteran politician and one of the Thirty Comrades, has urged the people of Burma to keep on fighting against the military dictatorship and not to give in to pressure from the regime.

Kyaw Zaw, speaking on the occasion of his 89th birthday yesterday, called for unity and perseverance.

“I am 89 years old today, I am now a geriatric, as [Burmese revolutionary icon] Sayagyi Thakhin Ko Daw Hmine often described himself,” Kyaw Zaw said.

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UN chief says world is frustrated with Myanmar


UNITED NATIONS: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Friday there is “growing frustration” around the world with Myanmar’s ruling generals.

He spoke to reporters after emerging from a closed-door meeting during which he spent more than an hour trying to get 14 nations to exert more influence on Myanmar, formerly called Burma.

The so-called “Group of Friends on Myanmar,” which Ban created a year ago, includes both Western nations pushing for human rights reforms and Southeast Asian trading partners, chiefly China, with different priorities.

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