Singapore beat Myanmar 3-1

Singapore 3 – 1 Myanmar

Agu Casmir scored twice as two-time defending champions Singapore virtually sealed their place in the last four of the AFF Suzuki Cup with victory over 10-man Myanmar in a heated encounter at Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium tonight.

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This news is the Endorsement of my idea, in the article posted two days ago

This news, in the Malaysiakini news by Joe Fernandez 

is the Endorsement of my idea in the article,

posted two days ago

Kalimantan governor sees emergence of EU-style Borneo


In this context_

  1. Israelis and Palestineans could stay together
  2. Khards in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria could stay together without fighting for independence from each country.
  3. Tibet, Yunan, Assam, Manipur and Myanmar northern tribes’ state could stay and work together without separating from their parent states and could contribute the progress and prosperity of parent states.
  4. Many Ethnic Minority groups are common

    inhabitants of Myanmar, China, India and Thailand .

  5. Xingan Muslims could stay and work with Independant Russia states, Chechnya and Turkey etc

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The Pacifism of Islam


According to the Koran, war represents an “unwanted obligation” which has to be absolutely carried out with strict observance of particular humane and moral values and resorted only when it is inevitable.

In a verse, it is explained that those who start wars are the disbelievers and that God does not approve wars:

…Each time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. They rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters. (Surat al-Ma’ida: 64)

A closer examination of Prophet Muhammad’s life reveals that war is a method resorted for defensive purposes only in unavoidable situations.

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Army forces driver in military jacket to pull over

KUALA LUMPUR: A van driver dressed in military fatigues brought drama to the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide scene when he was chased and forced to pull over by army personnel.

The driver and his colleague, who claimed they were from the Myanmar Embassy, had driven past the police checkpoint and headed to the house of the embassy’s military attache, where they loaded the van with his belongings.

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