Good Governance

Good Governance


I refer to the letter 

Minimum wage now!

I agree with the writer and it is heartening to read letters that voice the plight of the poor and unjustly treated. Concern for others is reason why we are compelled to write letters and advocate for change because ultimately the welfare of the state is related to the quality of its governance.

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Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises


Search patterns, trends, and surprises

2001 to 2008

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Malaysia Google Zeitgeist page!


 Malaysia Google Zeitgeist page!

2008 has been a year of change in Malaysia and people have certainly been using Google to access information about these changes. The fastest rising searched items documented the rise in popularity of local news portals like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today. Politics was also a topic of great interest in Malaysia this year, with searches aimed not only at politicians like Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, but also significant political events such as this year’s general election. Continue reading

Former US president Bill Clinton’s wise advise

Bill Clinton  is one of the best speakers around the world and the message he gave in Malaysia was a worthy one. Essentially he was saying that_

  1. we live in an interdependent world
  2. and that all of us are humans.
  3. He gave the example that the difference between all the ethnic groups around the world is less than 0.5 per cent of our DNA.

In other words we are divided by ethnic categories which are essentially man-made.

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Watch out Bangladesh: your enemy in past and future history, Burmese Buddhist anti-Muslim military

Watch out Bangladesh: your enemy in past and future history, Burmese Buddhist anti-Muslim military

While talking about sleeping next to a Thousand Pound Gorilla, I am not referring to India that surrounds Bangladesh from its three sides. Here I am talking about Burma.

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Housemen abuse gets dad worried

Housemen abuse gets dad worried


I WOULD like to refer to comments and SMS messages on the debate of ill-treatment of housemen.

My eldest daughter is currently pursuing a degree in medicine and she will be completing her course by the end of next year. I have dumped all my life savings and have also taken loans to support her education.

Some of the comments I read say that not all hospitals are involved in such abuses. I believe it is not true. Ever since my daughter started her degree programme, we have been hearing lot of stories involving the ill-treatment of housemen by senior doctors.

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Malaysia Think Tank for free individuals, free markets, limited government, and rule of law

Congratulations, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, Former minister, for joining Malaysia Think Tank for free individuals, free markets, limited government, and rule of law. You have made a history on this world Human Rights day. 

TQ again for your help in fighting for democracy and Human Rights in BURMA.

“I will do what I can to help this unique organisation” – DATUK ZAID IBRAHIM

PETALING JAYA: Former Umno member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has been appointed to the Malaysia Think Tank advisory board.

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Hostile Malaysians push Bostwanian students to the brink of suicide

Hostile Malaysians push Bostwanian students

to the brink of suicide


PETALING JAYA: Students from Botswana feel they are being unfairly treated in Malaysia and many are so stressed out that they even resort to suicide.

Some even have to put up with racial slurs and insults on a daily basis.

Thembani Eliot Ncube, 19, and Mamie Baleseng, 17, who are students at a private higher education institution, claim Malaysians don’t seem to want to mix with them.

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