7 Myanmar migrant workers, Thai driver die in road crash

KANCHANABURI, Dec 15 (TNA) – Seven Myanmar illegal migrant workers were killed in a car accident in the Thai-Myanmar border province of Kanchanaburi while being smuggled to Thailand on Monday, police said.

According to the preliminary investigation, a pick-up truck carrying 15 illegal Myanmar workers tried to break
through a police checkpoint at high speed and elude the authorities.

But driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree and an electrical power pole on a Sai Yok district road.

The 29-year-old Thai driver, identified as Suthang Dabkaew, and seven Myanmar nationals, all illegal migrant workers, were killed on the spot, while another eight were injured.

In April 2008, 54 illegal migrant workers from Myanmar died of suffocation while crammed in an unventilated container truck in the southern province of Ranong.

Since 2007, it is reported that at least 92 Myanmar migrant workers have died, while an unknown number were injured while illegally entering Thailand. (TNA)


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