Comment: In Myanmar, all the Muslims are called mixed blooded Kalas or Indian migrants, even if they are Chinese Muslims descended from Yunnan China or PURE BURMESE BUDDHISTS CONVERTED INTO ISLAM.

But any of us who converted into Buddhism are regarded as PURE, ORIGINAL, FULL-BLOWN MYANMAR CITIZENS AND PURE BURMESE BUDDHIST.

But we are treated here unfairly in Malaysia because although we are Muslims, we are not INDONESIANS who are related racially with them. Just look at Rohingyas, (I am not a Rohingya) they were denied citizenship by Myanmar military and  Bangladesh and Malaysia also discriminated them.

But those Burmese Indians who migrated back to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were treated as Burmese and discriminated also.

In China, if you are not Han Chinese, all other ethnic minorities and Muslim citizens are discriminated.

  1. ‘Orang asing’ remark irks business group by Malaysiakini news on Dec 15, 08 
  2. Ungrateful ‘Orang Asing’ by G Krishnan in Malaysiakini

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