Myanmar journalists face intimidation, pressure from junta

By:ID Nugroho and Lilian Budianto
Journalists working in military-ruled Myanmar continue to face intimidation, torture and arrests in reporting on the country’s corrupt and brutal regime, despite international calls for more press freedom, a conference on media safety heard Tuesday.

A Myanmar journalist, who asked not to be identified, told the conference that contrary to government claims, journalists in the country were treated as “dangerous enemies”.

“There is no freedom for Burmese journalists to write about political and social conflicts,” he said while asking that pictures of him and his colleague not be taken, out of safety concerns.

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Microsoft releases emergency patch to fix Internet Explorer

Another out-of-cycle patch is rushed out by Microsoft, but Firefox and Opera shouldn’t look so superior – they’ve got their own problems to contend with.
By:Asavin Wattanajantra

Microsoft will today release an emergency out-of-band patch which aims to fix a widely-reported vulnerability in virtually all versions of Internet Explorer.

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Shoe-throwing journalist tortured by ‘democratic’ government agents

Shoe-throwing journalist tortured by ‘democratic’ government agents

Iraq to probe ‘abuse’ of shoe-throwing journalist

Iraq’s justice system is to probe the case of the journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W Bush, officials said on Tuesday, as his brother said he had been beaten up by security agents.

muntazer al zaidi george w bush shoe thrown incident iraq 171208 03“Muntazer al-Zaidi has been transferred to the judicial authorities who have opened an investigation. But it is too soon to say who was behind this act,” General Qassem Atta, spokesman for a Baghdad security plan, told AFP.

The journalist’s brother. Durgham, said Muntazer has a broken arm and ribs after being struck by Iraqi security agents.

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Surviving a nightmare in Kuala Lumpur

Surviving a nightmare in Kuala Lumpur 


DEC 17 – In search of a better life for their families, nine Filipino women in Malaysia just went through a nightmare.

One of them is 29-year-old Paula Alcantara, who witnessed the plight of eight other Filipino women forced into prostitution in Malaysia. Like her colleagues, she had been swindled by a fellow Filipina and her foreign husband in Malaysia.

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