JFK daughter keen to replace Hillary in Senate


Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of slain US president John F Kennedy, has confirmed her desire to enter the Senate, New York state’s governor said.

caroline kennedy 161208Kennedy, who has never held public office, said she was throwing her hat in the ring to replace Hillary Clinton, whose seat in the Senate will become vacant when she becomes secretary of state in Barack Obama’s administration.

“She told me she was interested in the position,” said Governor David Paterson, who is responsible for picking Clinton’s temporary replacement.

The new senator would then face a special election in 2010.

The prospect of another member of America’s legendary political family taking high office has excited many in New York. The soon-to-be vacant seat was once held by Caroline Kennedy’s uncle Robert F Kennedy.

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TERRORISM BRED IN INDIA? Indian insurgent shot dead in Burma by an Indian spy?


Indian insurgent shot dead in Burma by an Indian spy?



New Delhi (Mizzima) – An unidentified gunman on Saturday shot dead an Indian from Manipur at his rented house in Kalemyo town of North-western Burma, police said.
The Manipuri, who had reportedly rented a house near St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Pinlong ward of Kalemyo Town, was shot dead on December 19, at about 6:45 p.m., according to the police.
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Hope that there will be more International Pressure on SPDC in 2009

Hope that there will be more

International Pressure on SPDC in 2009

Burma’s top diplomat at the United Nations says he expects more UN pressure from Western governments for national reconciliation in 2009. 

Burma’s UN representative, Kyaw Tint Swe, said in a confidential report to Burma’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that there will be pressure on Burma at the UN Security Council, particular from Western countries. Also, he said, the West will have more influence in the Security Council when Japan and Uganda replace Indonesia and South Africa in January. 

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Interpol Chief says India Withholding Mumbai Attack Evidence

Interpol Chief says India Withholding Mumbai Attack Evidence


NEW DELHI — Nearly a month after the Mumbai terror attacks, India has not provided the evidence needed for Interpol to help identify and apprehend the suspected masterminds, the chief of the global police agency said.

Ronald Noble, speaking in Islamabad on Tuesday after a visit to New Delhi, said Pakistan has agreed to work with the agency to help investigate the attacks that killed 164 people in India’s financial hub last month.

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S. Korea accused of Rights Abuse in Burma

S. Korea accused of Rights Abuse in Burma


BANGKOK — The South Korean government has rejected a complaint that two Korean companies have condoned human rights abuses and failed to meet international standards in Burma in pursuit of gas exploration.

The complaint alleged that industrial conglomerate Daewoo International and government-owned Korea Gas Corporation had failed to comply with guidelines on corporate responsibility and investment laid down by the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD).

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Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon turns human fat into biodiesel

  Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon turns human fat into biodiesel 


LOS ANGELES, Dec 24 — A top Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon says he used fat he removed from patients in liposuction operations to power his ‘green’ 4×4 car.

US authorities have launched an inquiry into claims made by Dr Alan Bittner that the fat he had sucked out of patients in liposuction operations was turned into biodiesel.

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The present economic crisis is a blessing in disguised chance for world Muslims to change for progress

The present economic crisis is a blessing in disguised chance 

for world Muslims to change for progress

Tired of conflict

The world leadership, not just the west, are failing to make headway against security collapses in Sudan’s Darfur, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Somalia, in the islands of insecurity across Central Asia and the Russian border, in southern Thailand, in the southern Philippines.

Just when we need strong UN intervention forces with multilateral support, but only in the context of strong political strategies, we are instead economically and militarily nearly flat on our backs and incapable of the political leadership that is needed.

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