Red tape and toll gates managed by ‘Little Napoleons’ everywhere

Red tape and toll gates

managed by ‘Little Napoleons’ everywhere

COMMENT: I had wrote to Tun and YAB DSAAB directly few times about this problems faced by Burmese migrants in Malaysia. (May be my letters never reach those great leaders but stuck at some  toll gates due to Red tapes.)

I complaint about Immigration officers, Home Ministry and National registration departments’ unfair discriminations, red tapes, never ending new rules and regulations, esp. on Myanmar/ Burmese and even on the professsionals but nothing ever changed  nor any improved for us.

It is apparent that the government machineries are being held back by a profusion of rulings and regulations where application of ‘grease’ may be the answer.

When the human resources ministryt gave me the initial approval, it should be sufficient to sail through all the  procedures. But not in Malaysia; we have red tape and toll gates everywhere. 

All these applications were submitted to the finance ministry Putrajaya in May 2008 within the validity period for such submissions.

Ever since that submission, I have lost count how many times I have gone to the MOF  and got empty replies and promises every time. 

I feel that the government is treating me like a beggar; whereas the government itselfis failing to keep its end of the contract. 


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