Bollywood drama in Boleh land, waiting for DSAI’s Hindi songs for soothing

Bollywood drama in Boleh land,

waiting for DSAI’s Hindi songs for soothing

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 1 — When the bushfire of Indian dissatisfaction in the PKR threatened to turn into an inferno, party supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, holidaying in the Middle East, called from Dubai and urged a man he trusted to investigate what was really going on, how big it was and why it was happening…..

Anwar has now become worried that Indian dissatisfaction with his party, centred on the resignation of Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam as the party’s Selangor deputy chief, will flare up, and he has sought out Ravi to quell the rebellion…..

Later at the press conference Ravi moved in to take charge, admitting there were differences over issues among the PKR leaders. “This is a democratic process, we meet, we discuss, tell our differences and we seek consensus,” Ravi told The Malaysian Insider after the meeting.

“We all have one aim — to make Anwar prime minister — and until then we should remain committed and united,” said Ravi.

He was worried PKR’s political enemies would exploit the differences….

The meeting resolved that Manikavasagam and others would meet Anwar on his return and lay their unhappiness at his feet for a resolution of the differences….

It is left to Anwar to see how best to balance the demands of the big names in the PKR who are all for sacking Manikavasagam and satisfying the Makkal Sakthi grassroots who have adopted PKR as their new political home but want a bigger slice of the largesse…..


By Baradan Kuppusamy in  The Malaysian Insider

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