The Blogger Sit Mone ’s Thoughts to consider for all of us

The Blogger Sit Mone ’s Thoughts to consider for all of us




The year 2008 will be end in a few hours. Then, there will be a new year called 2009, will be born to the mankind of this planet earth.

Most of the people welcome the New Year, believing that it will bring into better living condition, more advance technology and prosperity. Most of the world’s cities will celebrate the New Year with count down parties and fire works.


Imagine the land without “Time”. People do not need to celebrate the New Year as there is no meaning for the people of Timeless place. There will be no hope for them, and they will be keeping on doing the same routine, without a way to escape.

If, the timeless place is a place where people are tortured, then they will be tortured forever without hope for the end of their suffering.


Do not make a mistake. These timeless places are the real places for the all mankind to live forever.

Heavens and Hells are in different dimension for all of us. However, all the great Religions of this world teach all of us that there will be the heavens for the good doers and the hells for the bad people.

More interesting thing is the timeless nature of heavens and hells. Those who deserve to be in the heavens will never feel grieves, fear, sorrow, anxiety that they have suffered before. They will be there forever, timelessly!


For those, who deserve to be in the different level of the hells; will be staying there forever and timelessly too. Since it will be in the different dimension from us, only thing I can imagine is suffering forever.


So, all of us are lucky that, time though running out, is still remaining for all of us. How long is the remaining time? No one knows. For some may be few seconds, some may be few hour to some days and some years. However, the time that we still have is the great opportunity for all of us to do the good deeds, such as spreading love, peace, humanity, caring the unfortunates,  helping, and building the better societies.


Wishing all of you Happy New Year 2009!


Source : Blogger Sit Mone ’s Thoughts

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