Free government provided healthcare for all?

 Free government provided healthcare for all?

Recently, I read a news report about how 2 persons in Malaysia requiring HEART surgery required a lot of money. Both of them needed RM35,000-00 each. This was reported in the New Straits Times.

First, I wondered how many more people are out there who need money to get the necessary healthcare – who are being deprived of it by reason of lack of money? I believe that the Malaysian government should provide free health-care to all persons in Malaysia. (A friend of mine also did ask me why the ‘zakat monies’ are not being used for these cases – more so since the 2 babies are Muslim)

Secondly, I am wondering why these cases were not in the Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute) – which is wholly owned and controlled by the government of Malaysia, who is curreently sadly also practicing that “pay if you want to be treated…” policy for every persons save few who are government workers and their family. Does IJN have the capacity to do these kind of surgery – being ‘…currently the leading medical heart centre in the region…’ See earlier postand other related posts.

If I am government (or maybe the government-in waiting), or a peoples’ representative (MP, ADUN or future MP/ADUN), I promise that I will fight and ensure that there is FREE and good healthcare to all persons in Malaysia. There will be no more the need for persons to go out and ask for donations/monies to get the necessary healthcare – the government will ensure that.

The right to to free and good healthcare must be enshrined in the Federal Constitution (and the State Constitutions).

We should not be seeing any more such adverts. The government should equip itself to be able to deal with all or any kind of healthcare requirement, and it should be provided free to all persons in Malaysia. This is basic.

The newspapers, do from time to time, take up some of these cases and manage to raise the required monies – but this should not be the case in Malaysia. The responsibility to provide the necessary healthcare of human persons is and should be with the government. Ironically, the government is quick to pay out millions to ‘bail-out’ some companies – but alas such actions of care is not always evident when it comes to human persons.

Let’s put an end to ‘people need money for surgery, etc..’ ads – Free government provided healthcare, CHARLES HECTOR

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