Repeated vicious War cycles

 Repeated vicious War cycles

NEW YORK, Jan 7 –

Circumstances change;

  1. so do the names of the leading players.
  2. Peace negotiators come and go;
  3. so do the details of their agreements.
  4. But in the end, one aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains the same:
  • When all else has failed, 
  • you can be absolutely certain that 
    • someone, 
    • somewhere, 
    • will issue a statement calling for peace.

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Bush’s $50b Iraq ‘reconstruction’ Ponzi scheme

   Bush’s $50b Iraq ‘reconstruction’ Ponzi scheme


NEW YORK, Jan 11 – Three days after the world learned that $50 billion may have disappeared in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, The Times led its front page of Dec 14 with the revelation of another $50 billion rip-off.

This time the vanished loot belonged to American taxpayers. That was our collective contribution to the $117 billion spent (as of mid-2008) on Iraq reconstruction – a sinkhole of corruption, cronyism, incompetence and outright theft that epitomised Bush management at home and abroad.

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How To Change The World

How To Change The World

I had heard of Haris Ibrahim even before I met him. Some acquaintances had told me of a lawyer who was seemingly singlehandedly taking on the world in his defence of principle. 

I came to see the sense of his choices when I met him for the first time at a Bar Council human rights training session a short while later. I saw a man who embraced the world and whose heart had enough space in it for everyone.

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The Truth behind the root cause of the continuing conflict in Gaza

The Truth behind the root cause of the continuing conflict in Gaza


Dangling To The Truth

I still remember when I had a brief fight  in front of Masjid Wilayah almost three years ago. They laid on the stairs the Israel flag and force every Muslim who went there to perform their Friday prayer to step on it.

When it came to my turn, I refused to step on it and asked them to remove the flag to make way for me to walk pass them. They were very upset and accused me for not having any sympathy towards my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I snapped and point my finger towards one of them and shouted, “My God does not teach me to hate his creations. What you are doing is politically incorrect and not what Muhammad wanted from his ummah!”

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Israeli women’s groups oppose war in Gaza

Israeli women’s groups oppose war in Gaza

The Jewish-Arab Peace Song (w/ English subtitles)

A Jewish-Arab peace song. Of course, lasting peace needs to be built on justice for all

A coalition of women’s groups in Israel has called for an end to the bombing and war in Gaza:

Women`s organizations declaration against the war in Gaza

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A statement on Israel by Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

A statement on Israel by Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA


1. This statement focuses on the impact of Israel’s continuing Gaza military campaign, initiated on 27 December 2008, on the humanitarian situation confronting the 1.5 million Palestinians confined to the Gaza Strip. In accordance with the undertaking of the mandate, it confines its comments to issues associated with Israel’s obligations as occupying power to respect international humanitarian law (IHL), which refers mainly to the legal obligations contained in the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which sets forth in some detail the legal duties of Israel as the occupying power. The essential obligations of IHL are also considered to be binding legal duties embedded in customary international law. This statement touches on issues of international human rights law (IHR), as well as the implications of severe and sustained violations of either IHL or IHR as raising issues of international criminal law (ICL). It is also necessary to assess the underlying Israeli security claims that the military incursion into Gaza was a ‘defensive’ operation consistent with international law and the United Nations Charter, and that no ‘humanitarian crisis’ existed making the scale and nature of the military force used allegedly ‘excessive’ and ‘disproportionate.’


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Is Israel Winning the “Media War” over Gaza?

 Is Israel Winning the “Media War” over Gaza?


“We are all Hamas,” screamed a scrawny Mauritanian, repeatedly, as he determinedly drew his face closer to a TV camera. Behind him, thousands more tunefully chanted similar words, chants that were heard in different Arabic dialects, in fact in many different languages all across the globe.

Yet, Israel, somehow is claiming victory in the media war, which it calculatedly unleashed weeks before its most violent attack on Gaza yet. Thousands have been reportedly killed and wounded in the first two weeks, starting Dec. 27, in the tiny stretch of land (roughly 140 square miles), yet densely populated Gaza Strip of 1.5 million people.

 “Whenever Israel is bombing, it is hard to explain our position to the world,” said Avi Pazner, former Israeli ambassador to Italy and France, and “one of the officials drafted in to present Israel’s case to the world media,” according to the Jewish Chronicle. “But at least this time everything was ready and in place.”

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