Be-careful SPDC military leaders, we will recall all of you in a near future, now look;Bangladesh envoy recalled over murder charge

Be-careful SPDC military leaders,

we will recall all of you in a near future, now look;

Bangladesh envoy recalled over murder charge

Bangladesh has recalled its ambassador to Malaysia, an official said today, allegedly to face charges over the 1975 assassination of the country’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain said M Khairuzzaman “had been recalled with immediate effect” just a week after the country’s new government headed by Sheikh Mujib’s eldest daughter Sheikh Hasina took over.

Hossain did not give a reason for the recall, but New Straits Times quoted a Bangladesh junior foreign affairs minister as saying the envoy had been ordered to return home for the trial of the murder of Sheikh Mujib.

Khairuzzaman was an army officer when Sheikh Mujib and most of his family members were assassinated in a coup in August 1975 that led to a military dictatorship in the country. He denies any involvement.

Only Sheikh Mujib’s daughters, Sheikh Hasina, who late last month won a landslide victory in the country’s first elections in seven years, and Sheikh Rehana, who were on a visit to West Germany, were spared.

In 1976 Khairuzzaman, along with most of the junior officers who were implicated in the assassination, were made diplomats by the then military dictatorship.

But he was summoned back from Manila and jailed after Sheikh Hasina first came to power in 1996 and started trials of the murder of her father.

Political victimisation

Khairuzzaman told AFP he did not know why he was being recalled.

“It is clearly an issue of political victimisation. This is coming up now when I will be retiring in a few months’ time anyway.” he said.

“I was in no way involved with the assassination of Mujibur Rahman as I was in India attending a military course when it happened and I have my passport and documents to prove it,” he added.

Sheikh Hasina was sworn in for a second time as Bangladesh’s prime minister on Jan 6 this year after almost two years of rule by an army-backed regime.

Law minister Shafiq Ahmed has said the new government would restart the trial of Sheikh Mujib’s murder.


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