Will be Obama with us, Muslims, as the meaning of his name in Persian language

Will be Obama with us, Muslims,

as the meaning of his name in Persian language

The name Obama in the Persian language (Iran’s language) means_ “He is with us.”

According to Islamic tradition, there was an Islamic Imam who was the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law. His name was Ali Ibn Abi-Talib. This man gave the following prophecy:

“At the end of times, and just before the return of the Mahdi, a tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West; commanding the strongest army on earth. The new ruler in the West will carry a clear sign from the third Imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali .”

Strangely enough, the name Obama in the Persian language means_

“He is with us.”

On November 27th, 2008, Barack Obama was asked the question regarding the vision for change and where the change would be. Obama quickly stated, “I am the change, the change comes from me.” We are made to wonder who this strange one is, and what is his real agenda?

Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (Arabicحسين بن علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب‎)‎ (3rd Sha‘bān 4 AH – 10th Muharram 61 AH; 8th January 626 AD – 10th October 680 AD) was the grandson of the Islamic prophet,Muhammad, and the son of ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (final Caliph and first Shī‘ah Imām) and Fātimah Zahrā(daughter of Muhammad). Husayn is an important figure in Islām as he is a member of the Ahlul Bayt(the household of Muhammad) and Ahlul Kisā, as well as being a Shī‘ah Imām, and one of The Fourteen Infallibles of Twelvers.

Husayn ibn ‘Alī is revered as a martyr who fought tyranny, as he refused to pledge allegiance toYazīd I[11], the Umayyad caliph. He rose up to create a regime that would reinstate a “true” Islāmic polity as opposed to what he considered the unjust rule of the Umayyads.[11] As a consequence, Husayn was killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbalā in 680 (61AH) by Shimr Ibn Thil-Jawshan.[12] The anniversary of hismartyrdom is called ‘Āshūrā (“tenth” day ofMuharram) and is a day of mourning and religious observance for all Muslims. Revenge for Husayn’s death was turned into a rallying cry that helped undermine the Umayyad caliphate, and gave impetus to the rise of a powerful Shī‘ah movement.[11]

According to the most reports, Imam Husayn ibn Ali was born on 3 Sha’aban 4 AH/10 January 626 CE. [13]

He and his brother Imam Hassan were the only descendants of Muhammad who remained alive. Many of the accounts about Muhammad’s treatment of his grandsons and his great love for them deal with them together and at times confuse them.[13] Muhammad is reported to have said that “whoever loves them [his grandsons] loves me and whoever hates them hates me” and “al-Hasan and al-Husayn are the sayyids of the youth of Paradise”. The latter saying has been particularly important for Shias who used it in support of for the right of Muhammad’s descendants to the imamate. 

The inauguration takes place on a day that is of vital importance in the world of witchcraft and occultism. Astrology is the time clock of Satan and his kingdom of demons, and it is impossible to practice witchcraft without it. January 20th, the day when Obama moves into his position of power, is the very day when the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. The hit song called “Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension told the entire story of the day that would come that would bring change for a thousand years. Adolph Hitler also claimed that the Third Reich would last for a thousand years. Officially, it lasted only thirteen years and ended on the eve of Beltaine, the druid witches’ New Year sabat.

When Barack Obama went to Berlin, Germany, to address the German people during his campaign, it was no accident, but rather by design that he stood at the monument in the center of the Tiergarten and lifted his arm in a Hitler-like salute. Just below this Tiergarten is a vast network of tunnels that were built for Hitler by the architect Albert Speer. Hitler had plans to declare Berlin as the “Capital of the World”, and the spot where Obama made his speech marked the place that represented underground or clandestine world dictatorship in a new world order; three words often used by Adolph Hitler.

Berlin, Germany, had another attraction for Barack Obama. During the 1880’s, German archaeologists were in the ancient city of Pergamos where they found the massive altar of Zeus.

They offered to buy the altar from the Ottoman Moslem rulers, and upon purchasing it, they moved the structure to Berlin where it was fully restored. It now resides in a museum in Berlin, Germany.

This altar of Zeus is the very seat of Satan! In Revelation 2:12-13, we read as follows: “And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.” These words were written to the early Christians of Pergamos and were spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ. Incidentally, Antipas was a true martyr back in those days, but his name carries a great prophetic significance. The name Antipas is a contacted form of anti-papas, or those who oppose the Pope or papal rule.

When Barack Obama visited Berlin, Germany, he no doubt visited the altar of Zeus, or Satan’s seat, because he designed a replica of this altar and seat of Satan from which he made his rousing speech launching his Democratic candidacy.

Remember the strange columns he stood in front of? They were made of staging materials and styrofoam, but the design and effect were still there. It was the altar of Zeus and seat of Satan.

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  2. And Wikipedia


In most cultures of the world, the naming of children is taken very seriously. Many cultures do as the Hebrews did during Bible times, attaching prophetic significance to a person’s name. That is also the case with the Luo people of the Nyanza province of southwestern Kenya.

That is the ethnic group from which American presidential candidate Senator Barack Hussein Obama descends. The senator’s father, a Muslim, gave his son names from the Arabic language. The first name Barack means “blessing.” (Oddly, in the Hebrew language, the same word, barak, means “lightning.” For the Bible significance, see Luke 10:18.) The senator’s middle name means “handsome.” But, the last name Obama does not come from Arabic. It comes from the Luo language.

It means “crooked.” [1]

Really. Obama means “crooked,” “zigzag,” or “not in a straight line.” So, the meaning of his entire name — as it would be understood by diplomats from Africa or the Arab world — is: “the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked.”

So… is his name prophetic, or mere coincidence?


[1]  Obtaining a reliable translation from the Luo language — which is spoken by only 13 percent of the people of Kenya — proved difficult. There is no complete Luo-English dictionary. Two professors of African studies at universities in the United States were not able to provide the translation. The staff of the Embassy of Kenya was reluctant to even discuss the Luo language with me, much less provide a translation. (As it turns out, there has been ethnic rioting in the street, because the supporters of the second-place presidential candidate believe the election was “stolen” by fraud. The second-place candidate, and the rioters, came from the Luo tribe. Hmmmmmmmm.) A reliable translation finally came from a professor of linguistics that grew up in Kenya and is a Luo speaker.

SOURCE Tom Kovach


World Association of International Studies, Stanford University, CA — PAX et LUX

Ed Jajko writes:

As someone who has studied and lived and worked with Semitic languages for almost 50 years, I just can’t buy Massoud Malek’s posting of 20 November about the Sassanian Persian origins of the name “Barack,” which seems to me to be just folk etymology, however much the parsikhabar link that he refers us to is dusted with the names of scholars of Persian. The case for a Persian source is not made. “Barack” is a Swahili name, of sorts. But it very likely does not mean “blessing” or “blessings from God.” The form is wrong, for one thing. The name would have to be “Baraka,” a word derived from the Arabic “barakah,” root BRK, a feminine singular noun meaning “blessing” (not the act of blessing, but what is derived from the act). The name “Barack” likely comes from a word that is based on an entirely different root, BRQ rather than BRK, “Barr_aq,” meaning shining, sparkling, flashing. This is the root of the name of Barak in Judges 4:6. The Hebrew name or word means “lightning.”

Mr. Malek says, with regard to “Barack …Parak was how the Sassanids used the word, and when it moved from Sassanid Persia to Arabic, the “P” changed to a “B” as the Arabs cannot pronounce P and usually change it to B.” True, when Arabs speak they pronounce “p” as “b,” when speaking Persian, English, or any other language, since there is no “p” sound in Arabic. But the general rule for sound change between Persian and Arabic–not how speakers compensate when going from one language to another, but what happens between languages–has always been that Middle Persian “p” becomes “f” in Arabic. Hence words like Firdawsi and the word Farsi, from the province of Fars, from earlier Persian original /Parsa/. (I do see the name of the Sassanian king Papak or Papag, Arabicized as Babak, as an exception to this rule.)

But Mr. Malek, relying on the parsikhabar article, says additionally that his source-word for “Barack,” Persian “Parak comes from Farr or Far’rah, usually referred to the faravahar or farohar, the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism.” My knowledge of Persian is less than of Arabic and Hebrew, but I don’t know of any rule of Persian “p” words being derived from “f”s. It just doesn’t work that way.

I think it entirely incorrect to derive the meaning of “Barack” as “blessing,” based ultimately on the “ancient root of all these words … Xwarnah or Xorah, the oldest form of this Persian word, which means Kingly Glory, or the Divine Grace that leads the hero to glory,” to quote from Mr. Massoud’s posting. If the Swahili name “Barack” originates in the Arabic word “barakah,” root letters BRK, meaning “blessing,” there’s nothing of “kingly glory” at its source. The basic meaning of the root BRK in both Hebrew and Arabic is not “blessing” but “to kneel down.” Derived forms of the verb in Arabic have the specific meaning of making a camel kneel. I don’t have an etymological dictionary of Arabic here at home that would tell me when the earliest recorded appearances of the root BRK are to be found; the Qur’an, certainly, but I don’t know whether or when the root appears in the corpus of pre-Islamic Arabic poetry, which antedates the Qur’an by a couple of centuries. But the root does appear throughout the Hebrew Bible, the source documents of which were written over a period of about 1,000 years and the recension of which was completed 800 to a thousand years before the Qur’an (and the Sassanians). (Now, given the Babylonian Exile and the fact that along the way the Israelites picked up some Persian loan-words, like yad, meaning memory, and pardes, or paradise, that opens other lines of discussion. But BRK as kneeling, making to kneel, and blessing, occurs in Aramaic/Syriac and Ethiopic. This weakens the argument for a Persian source into Arabic, since it is far more likely that an originally Semitic BRK would be found in Semitic Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac, and Ethiopic, rather than a Persian loan word into Hebrew or Arabic making its way from either of those languages into the other previously named Semitic languages.)

In yesterday’s statement by Ayman al-Zawahiri in which he praised Malcolm X and called Obama a “house negro,” in the photo that was shown on TV news and is found on the web, Obama’s middle name is of course written in its correct Arabic form, “.Husayn.” The name “Obama” is spelled out in Arabic letters as “_Ub_am_a.” I had thought that the name “Barack” might have been written in some correct Arabic equivalent, but I guess that even al-Qa’idah can’t figure out what it should be. Instead, the name appeared transliterated as “B_ar_ak.” I guess that al-Qa’idah is not willing to state that Obama is a blessing and wouldn’t agree with Chris Matthews of MSNBC that he is shining, sparkling, or flashing.

JE comments: WAISer erudition at its best. We’ve definitely missed Ed Jajko over the last few months.

For information about the World Association of International Studies
(WAIS), and its online publication, the World Affairs Report, read its
homepage by simply double-clicking on: http://wais.stanford.edu/

John Eipper, Editor-in-Chief, Adrian College, MI 49221 USA

Iran’s leadership has expressed “great pleasure” at the prospect of a Barack Obama victory in November, according to Menashe Amir, the Iranian-born head of Radio Israel’s Persian language service.

But Iranian President Ahmadinejad has said he doubts that the American establishment “will allow” Obama to win.

“One of the Iranian religious leaders said if Obama will enter the White House, then Islam will conquer the heart of the American nation,” Amir told Isracast.com.

The Iranian leadership likes Obama “mainly because he is a Muslim,” according to Amir. His first name, Barack, comes from “al-baraq,” which is the name of the horse that Muslims believe Muhammad rode on his way to paradise.

His middle name Hussein is also a Muslim name, and he was “born in a Muslim family,” said Amir.

(Excerpt) Read more at news.newsmax.com …

Rush: Obama is Arab???????????? 

It’s true, of course, that Barack Obama isn’t an African-American in the traditional sense. Why this makes Rush Limbaugh think he’s Arab I couldn’t quite say:

On the September 22 broadcast of his syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh baselessly claimed that Sen. Barack Obama is “not black,” and went on to ask: “Do you know he has not one shred of African-American blood?” Limbaugh continued: “He’s Arab. You know, he’s from Africa. He’s from Arab parts of Africa. … [H]e’s not African-American. The last thing that he is is African-American.”

Check it out:

Obama’s father was, for the record, from Kenya which is not an Arab part of Africa.

  1. Bill Says: 
    September 22nd, 2008 at 6:37 pmLet’s see. He’s “from Africa,” and he’s an American citizen, but he’s “not African American.” Check.
  2. Scott Says: 
    September 22nd, 2008 at 6:41 pmHuh… what does Arab have to do with being black.

    Arab = Religion
    Black = Race

    hmm well i guess to a bigot its all the same…

  3. Leo Says: 
    September 22nd, 2008 at 6:42 pm“Obama’s father was, for the record, from Kenya which is not an Arab part of Africa.”

    I guess that’s splitting hairs.

    “How do you say that name,”–both my son and daughter have asked me?

    “Buh-Rock oh-Bah-Ma. It’s an African name, from Kenya,”- I explained.

    Mainly because the name sounds different my kids are fascinated by it. As one of the children’s books on Obama describes, “Not long ago people would say, Barack Who? They called him Baruch Yo Mama, Barack Alabama. Now the young Senator from Illinois is running to become the first African-American president of the US.”

    Anthropologists, while studying different cultures, are like little children learning a new language, who spend a great deal of time studying different naming conventions. How are names acquired? What does a name signify? Among other things a name may signify the name of a family, a place, a village, a tribe or a clan. Historically, naming of course signifies continuity of a tradition or radical break with a tradition, especially, in a country like America, which is a nation of immigrants. Almost all cultures have elaborate naming rituals involving newborns and their families.

    Slaves when they came to this country from Africa and West Indies went through a “name change” and acquired a “slave name,” signifying an owner and a place. While the factual bases of the life of Kunta Kinte may still be debated, given the African DNA project led by Henry Gates Jr., his biographical outline was as follows: Slave name: Toby; Born c. 1750; Birthplace: Gambia, West Africa; Tribe: Mandinka; Owner: John Waller; County: Annapolis, MD.

    After the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, many African-Americans changed their names to the name of their owner, to names like Freeman, and to the names of Presidents like Washington and Jefferson. Through the civil rights movement in the 1960’s, many more African-Americans changed their names due to a religious conversion to the Brotherhood of Islam and other African religions.

    In the current political season, even political pundits are behaving a bit like naïve anthropologists, trying to trace the roots of Barack Obama’s African name. What does the name “Barack” mean? What is the origin of the name “Obama”?What about the middle name, “Hussein,” which is never or rarely mentioned?

    “Barack” is a Swahilli word, derivative of Arabic “Mubarack,‘”which means “blessing.”

    “Baruch” in Hebrew has the same meaning, while 

    “Mubarak” in Hindi, Urdu or Persian has the same meaning. 

    The surname “Obama” belongs to the Luo tribe of Kisumu, Kenya. 

    Barack’s father was named Barack Obama Sr., who presented himself as “Barry” when in 1959 he landed at the University of Hawaii as a student. 

    Barry was also a nick-name Barack used during his college years. 

    Barack Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango, converted to Islam when working for the British as a colonial civil servant IN BURMA. 

    While his father was an atheist, Barack has been a practicing Christian. All of this has now become fodder for children’s books.

    However, the middle name “Hussein” seems to have touched a raw nerve, creating a “tempest in a teapot,” suggesting that Obama is a “closet Muslim.” Some of the conservative media outlets that have regularly rhymed “Obama” with “Osama” as a deliberate “slip of the tongue” have suggested that the country is being overtaken by our enemies, the Islamo-fascists, that there is a sinister plot behind Obama’s candidacy and it spells the end of Western civilization as we know it. The recent satirical cartoon by the New Yorker magazine about the Obamas in the Oval office dressed as terrorists underscores this general fear.

    Clearly, a President with an African or a “foreign sounding” name has never been elected in this country, which is likely to create great unease and discomfort in the general population, especially, in the post-9/11 world. Yet, a group of young Obama supporters, representing the You-Tube generation, have converted their middle name to “Hussein” on the Facebook as a sign of solidarity with their candidate, who according to them truly represents generational change. So Dan O’Maley of Columbus, Ohio, has now become Dan Hussein O’Maley and Alex Enderle has become Alex Hussein Enderle and so on. 

    What’s in a name anyway?

    Many African-American bloggers, in stark contrast, have labeled Obama the “Kunta Kinte of 2008” or “Barack Toby Obama” in light of his break with the Trinity church due to increasing media and political pressures. Jesse Jackson’s recent off-air comments that “I want to cut his nuts out”–because he is talking down to black people–are consistent with this theme. Shelby Steele, who has claimed that Obama is “a bound man” and cannot win by accommodating to the majority, may not disagree with most of these comments.

    When asked about his conversion from “Barry” to “Barack,” Obama has said it was “a conscious decision to grow-up,”–to fully identify with the name of his father. 

    It was when he got to Columbia University as a transfer student that he began to use the name Barack more regularly: “It was much more of an assertion that I was coming of age. An assertion of being comfortable with the fact that I was different and that I didn’t need to try to fit in in a certain way.”

    Thus, in this generational election another African name has been added to “the mountain of names'” that make up the American experience. From Kunta Kinte to Barack Obama, we have come a long way baby!Notwithstanding the prevailing post-racial mood in America, even a chasm of centuries can not erase the underlying symbolic and cultural logic connecting these two African-American names from the history of the nation.



    Dinesh Sharma is a marketing science consultant with a Doctorate in Psychology from Harvard. His recent articles and opinions have appeared in Wonkette.com, Free Lance-Star, Far Eastern Economic Review, Middle East Times, Middle East Online, Biotech Law Review, Health Affairs, Media Monitors, DC Chronicles, Fredricksburg.com, MyCentralJersey.com, International Psychology Bulletin, and other scientific journals. He is the author of the following books: Human Technogenesis: Cultural Pathways through the Information Age (2004); Childhood, Family and Sociocultural Change in India (2003); Socioemotional Development Across Cultures (1998).

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    1. […] • As a child Barry was enrolled in school as a Muslim in Jakarta Indonesia. An Indonesian Madrasa. • Barack Hussein Obama’s first and middle names are Arabic Muslim names. Barack was the name for Mohammad’s horse. Husein, enough said. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700246419/Barack-Muhammads-horse.html https://sanooaung.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/will-be-obama-with-us-muslims-as-the-meaning-of-his-name-i… […]

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