Sri Lanka Buddhists killing Tamil Hindus

Sri Lanka Buddhists killing Tamil Hindus


Sri Lanka’s warring parties came under more international pressure today to protect thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire as the United Nations reported more than 30 deaths during ongoing fighting.

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Irrawaddy:Are Malaysian, Thai Officials Trafficking Burmese Migrants?


KUALA LUMPUR — A scandalous trade in Burmese migrant labor involving Malaysian and Thai officials and international human traffickers is now coming to light, investigators say.

Like thousands of Burmese migrant workers, That Zin Myint travelled overland from Rangoon to Bangkok and reached the Thai border where local syndicates, for a hefty bribe, helped him cross into northern Malaysia and move overland to the capital where cheap, unskilled labor is in great demand.

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Irrawaddy:Junta Promises to Address Rohingya Exodus


Burma’s No 2 leader, Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, has promised the Thai military supreme commander during an official visit to Burma that authorities will try to stem the flow of Rohingya refugees who try to reach neighboring countries illegally, according to the Thai News Agency (TNA).

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Rohingya Status Needs Careful Definition

Rohingya Status Needs Careful Definition


The perilous flight of the nearly 1,000 Rohingya who made it to Thailand in December before they were sent back to sea is a sign of worsening humanitarian crisis in the region. 

Their plight has not always made the news headlines like they have been in recent weeks. But since 2006, more and more Rohingya have attempted to reach Malaysia by transiting through Thailand in search of a more welcoming environment in Muslim countries – other than the traditional destination options of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, where increasingly restrictive measures have been implemented.

The Rohingya are a marginalised Muslim ethnic group from the northern Rakhine state of Western Myanmar on the border with Bangladesh.

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Rohingyas are facing ‘slow burning genocide’

Rohingyas are facing ‘slow burning genocide’

New Delhi (Mizzima) – At least a hundred Rohingya ethnics and supporters on Monday gathered in front of the Thai and Burmese embassies in London, to stage a protest demanding just treatment to fellow Rohingya boatpeople, who are allegedly being detained by Thai authorities.

Tun Khin, President of the Burmese Rohingya Organization UK (BROUK), who led the demonstration, said they are concerned about their fellow Rohingya boat people, who are reportedly detained by Thai authorities and have been towed away to sea on boats without engine.

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UN awaits Thai reply on migrants

UN awaits Thai reply on migrants

The Thai military is accused of sending refugees off to likely death

Burmese Rohingyas under guard in Thailand

The United Nations says it is still awaiting a response from the Thai government over its request three days ago for access to 126 asylum-seekers.

The Burmese Rohingya migrants are being detained by the military in southern Thailand.

Last month around a thousand Rohingyas were towed out to sea and set adrift by the Thai military, said survivors who reached India and Indonesia.

Hundreds are missing, feared dead; Thai officials say they are investigating.

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