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IHT:Indonesia to allow UN access to Rohingya

JAKARTA: The Indonesian authorities have changed course and are now allowing the United Nations refugee agency access to about 400 men from Myanmar who landed on the country’s shores over the past month to help verify their claims of persecution.

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Be-careful SPDC! The present Nationalistic activity is anti-Islam but they are actually targeting YOU, SPDC and the military rule

Be-careful SPDC!

The present Nationalistic activity is

anti-Islam in appearance

but they are actually targeting YOU,

SPDC and the military rule


Just look at the following findings of British. They were late when they realized they were the real aim or TARGET of NATIONALISTIC CAMPAING in 1930’s and the Muslims and Indians were just SCAPE-GOATS to trick them.

At last we all will be united and SPDC would suffer the same fate as BRITISH COLONY and Nay Win’s BSPP.

The Inquiry Committee by the British

On September 22, 1938, the British Governor set up the Inquiry Committee.[28] They found out that the real cause was the discontent in the government regarding the deterioration in sociopolitical and economic conditions of Burmans.[29] The book was used as an inciting factor by the irresponsible Burmese newspapers.[30] They use the anti-Muslim propaganda as a disguise to cover up the political struggle to gain independence. So the Buddhist used the Muslims as a scapegoat, for the first time, to fight against the British.

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Mizzima:European Parliament urges junta to restore citizenship rights to Rohingya


New Delhi (Mizzima) – The European Parliament on Thursday called on Burma’s military rulers to restore citizenship rights to Rohingya Muslim minorities living in Western Burma’s Arakan State, and urged Thailand not to repatriate the Rohingya migrants, who have been arrested for illegally entering the country, as they would face repression at home.
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