Myanmar workers became victims of economic Tsunami



Myanmar workers became victims of economic Tsunami

Malaysian employers informing Myanmar workers that they were fired!

That’s all. No compensation? No room for appeal? As they are FOREIGNERS here, they were treated as sussessive Myanmar GOVERNMENTS have beeen treating not only the foreigners but the few generations of desendents of foreigners who could hold the citizenships under the democratic government of U Nu after independence but unceremonously revoked by ruthless military dictators.

I am writing this with the heavy heart, for those who lost their jobs and their families back home in Myanmar. Even my heart choked and my eyes are filled with tears. And they are just weak gender poor girls….

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Cry my beloved Apartheid Bama Military soul

Cry my beloved Apartheid

Bama Military soul

When Alan Paton wrote ‘Cry The Beloved Countryhe was lamenting over the inhumanity of man over man, of how the whites can devise, construct and implement race- and colour-based social and economic injustices over the blacks in apartheid-era South Africa.

The whole world had condemned this practice; we were among the loudest screaming against it.

South Africa has moved on since then, and today it is one shining example of an emancipated, open and progressive country, enjoying a respectable place in the community of nations. It has thrown apartheid into the bins of its history.

Here in Myanmar, yes we condemn apartheid, and quite rightly so. But in the same breath we were and are still its major proponent our version of apartheid.

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