Malaysian top 40 richest go down RM75.6 billion

   Malaysian top 40 richest go down RM75.6 billion 

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 (Bernama) — The fortunes of Malaysia’s 40 richest has gone down by RM75.6 billion from RM171.9 billion a year ago to RM96.30 billion as at January 16 amid the global stock market meltdown, according to a survey by Malaysian Business.

The magazine’s survey revealed that half of them recorded declines of 50 per cent with only 14 billionaires this time round, five short of last year. Continue reading

Fatima Bhutto: A beauty to tame George Clooney — and even Pakistan?

LOS ANGELES, Feb 16 — With her good looks and glossy aura, Fatima Bhutto, the bright new star of a revered political dynasty is causing quite a stir in both Hollywood and her own troubled country.

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101 East – Obsolete ASEAN – Part 2

101 East – Obsolete ASEAN

Bangkok Post:Call to relax rules for Burmese hands


The government should relax regulations governing the registration of ethnic workers from Burma, particularly the nationality verification process, say rights activists.

The call comes as work permits for Burmese migrant workers expire at the end of the month.

An agreement signed in June 2003 to allow Burmese to work in Thailand required all ethnic minority migrants to verify their nationality before obtaining a work permit.

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AP:Rohingya are Muslim outcasts, not welcome anywhere

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — For generations, the ethnic Muslim Rohingya have endured persecution by the ruling junta of Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist country.

The plight of the Rohingya, descendants of Arab traders from the 7th century, gained international attention over the past month after five boatloads of haggard migrants were found in the waters around Indonesia and the Andaman Islands.

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