2008 Report on International Religious Freedom

2008 Report on International Religious Freedom in Myanmar

International Religious Freedom Report 2008
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor



Highly repressive, authoritarian military regimes have ruled the country since 1962. Constitutional protection of religious freedom has not existed since 1988, after the armed forces brutally suppressed massive prodemocracy demonstrations and abrogated the Constitution. In 1990 prodemocracy parties won a majority of seats in a free and fair election, but the junta of senior military officers refused to recognize the results and has ruled the country by decree and without a legislature ever since. The authorities generally permitted most adherents of registered religious groups to worship as they choose; however, the Government imposed restrictions on certain religious activities and frequently abused the right to freedom of religion.

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Rights groups to Asean: Press Myanmar on abuses

   Rights groups to Asean:

Press Myanmar on abuses

“Asean’s continuing failure to hold the Burmese military government accountable for abuses and Asean’s unwillingness to provide refuge for those fleeing oppression in Burma are two sides of the same coin,” Human Rights Watch said.

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Maybank reduces BLR to 5.55pc

   Maybank reduces BLR to 5.55pc 

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) announced today that its base lending rate (BLR) will be reduced from 5.95 per cent to 5.55 per cent effective March 2, 2009.

The base financing rate (BFR) of Maybank Islamic Bhd will similarly be revised downwards from 5.95 per cent to 5.55 per cent from the same date, the bank said in a statement.

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VOA:Rethinking Relations With Burma

President Barack Obama has held out his hand to world leaders seeking engagement, rather than confrontation to solve international disputes. This entails a review of the  way the United States deals with specific countries, and such an effort is now under way regarding the government of Burma.

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et retrenched foreign workers in Malaysia take up other jobs and HM ordered Education Ministry to oversee foreign students

Let retrenched foreign workers in Malaysia take up other jobs

and HM ordered Education Ministry to oversee foreign students

FOREIGN factory workers should be allowed to take up other jobs instead of being sent back to their countries after being retrenched, said a backbencher.

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AFP:US lashes ‘brutal’ Myanmar rights record

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States lashed out at the Myanmar regime’s human rights record Wednesday, saying the military was “brutally” suppressing its citizens and razing entire villages.

In an annual global report on human rights, the State Department said Myanmar’s ruling junta carried out numerous extrajudicial killings along with rape and torture without punishing anyone responsible.

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