Lightning damages Singapore’s Merlion statue

SINGAPORE, March 1 – As if the gloomy economic news coming out of Singapore were not depressing enough, nature dealt another blow to the republic in the form of a  lightning bolt striking the symbol of the nation – Merlion statue – about 4.30pm yesterday.


Asean to discuss Rohingya as part of Indian Ocean migrants

HUA HIN, March 1 – The thorny issue of Rohingya refugees took a new twist at the 14th Asean Summit here after regional leaders decided to treat them as just one of the migrant groups in the Indian Ocean.

However, Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva denied that the Rohingya issue had become taboo among the region’s leaders.

“It’s not a taboo,” he said when asked if the word Rohingya was not used because it’s taboo.

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