We All ASEANS and Myanmars are Immigrants and why want to label Rohingyas with their ancestors?

We All ASEANS and Myanmars are Immigrants and why want to label Rohingyas with their ancestors?

We are All Immigrants

Comment: Many ASEAN tribes migrated from China, Yunnan through Burma and Thailand. Even ORANG ASLIS are speaking a dialect of Mon Khmar language, an Ethnic Minority of Burma. All of the Burma’s races are desendants or migrated from China and India.

Although they all tried to cut off the umbilical cords they could not hide their culture, language, religion nor features which clearly show their origins, no one argue that The Burmese or Malays or Singaporeans or other ASEAN Races should be still attached to indicate their origins and why all those ASEAN Leaders try to change Rohingyas into Bengalis. So what? They are citizens of Myanmar, their ancestor lands are ocupied or colonized by SPDC Burmese Buddhists. If they are sent back or repartriated to Myanmar they and their desendants would be put under VILLAGE ARREST FOR LIFE.

If you  all ASEAN Leaders HAVE TO OBEY and scared of SPDC Generals, what are the Rohingyas not threatened  by the military. If you all have a simple common sense, you all should understand their position.

Syed Imran, an Arab-Malaysian born in Penang, Malaysia, an ex-Bernama journalist (1971-1998) and former press secretary to the Minister in PM’s Department, posted a great blog days ago, which was translated into English.

Bloggers Buzz
Written by Syed Imran
Monday, 02 March 2009 18:05
*Antara pendatang dan penumpang (English Translation)*

In today’s borderless world, international electronic  media coverage makes  it difficult for any country to hide or deny any given event.

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Burma Insists Rohingyas are ‘Bengalis’

Annexe Rohingya
written by Ikan Bakar, March 02, 2009

Since Myanmar does not acknowledge the refugees, Bangladesh should annexe the territory where the the Rohingya are living, other wise make it independent.
Asean has no balls! to confront reality!


CHA-AM, Thailand — Burma is insisting at the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) summit in southern Thailand that the boatpeople now fleeing Arakan State are not Rohingyas but Bengalis.

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For China, a costly lesson in engaging its netizens

BEIJING, March 2 — Local Chinese officials have a reputation for many things, but being media-friendly is not their strongest point.

So when a Yunnan provincial official invited bloggers to probe the ‘accidental’ death of a detained man whom lower-level county police claimed was severely injured while playing ‘hide and seek’, he sent Chinese netizens and media into a tizzy less than two weeks ago.

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Retrenched worker fails on first day at new job – as snatch thief

JOHOR BARU, March 1 – A 24-year-old man, who was one the many Malaysians retrenched from their jobs in Singapore, decided to try a new line of work – crime.

Jobless and having his credit cards maxed out, the man resorted to snatching to make the ends meet only to be caught on his attempt here today.

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Rohingyas are now termed illegal migrants

COMMENT: Shakespeare had rightly said that a Rose in any-other name will smell as sweet.

ASEAN Leaders could labeled the Rohingyas as Bengalis to please the Myanmar SPDC Racists so that they could continue to exploit Burma.

Or those ASEAN leaders could called the Rohingyas the illegal migrants from the Indian Ocean. No problem for them.

It shows there is a serious mental retardation problem in the all of the coward eunuch ASEAN leaders. They are actually not qualified to decide the history of Rohingya or Burma.

As long as those boat people are regarded as Humans you should not treat them as one of your STUPID and INHUMANE leader had suggested. Push them out into the sea. Don’t let them enter our ASEAN border. 

Whether they are Muslims or not, legal or illegal, political or economic migrants are not important. You all have no right to torture nor any rights to push them into the sea nor sell them to traffickers so that the traffickers could ask for ransom money or sell to deep fishing vessels as slave labourers or to brothels for prostitution.

For the true Buddhists, you need to even have a loving kindness on all creatures including your enemies and animals or insects.

For the true Muslims, we could not even torture the animals we are going to halal or kill for consumption.

And other Muslims in need have the right to demand our protection and properties. Even non-Muslims in distress have the same rights and we are duty bound to help them.

We even could not insult the beggar after paying/donating them. (Our Prophet PBUH had taught us) Even if you regarded Rohingyas as beggars, (indeed they are begging and even crying for help) ASEAN leaders are now not only refusing to help, but encouraging others to push them back into the sea to let them die. And now they are insulting them with all those labels. What a shameless un-Islamic act.

What new version of Islam are you prescribing? You shamelessly went and give lectures every where including the Christians in Australia and German Universities but ignored the plights of Muslims reaching your shore! 

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