Asean human rights sham plan just to trick the democratic world runs into opposition

   Asean human rights sham plan

just to trick the democratic world

runs into opposition 


COMMENT: There is no rights for the people and opposition in all ASEAN countries except Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Even there, their Human Rights records on minority races and religious groups are questionable and obviously showing red marks.

So no wonder they could not or don’t have the will or courage to force others as they are also not standing on a moral high ground.

These ASEAN governments are also doing the same human rights violation on their own people, on their opposition and the minorities, of course less obviously or discreetly or in a more diplomatic or cunning way. The pot dare not call the cattle black.

Even the west and democratic countries are scared to point them out or dare to reprimand them because of their political and economic affiliations.

BANGKOK, March 1 – Plans to create a regional human rights body for Asean, the 10-nation South-east Asian bloc, are threatening to expose the gulf that separates countries that seek to respect political and civil liberties and the notorious violators.

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Rohingyas – the new ‘boat people’

Marwaan Macan-Markar
It had happened decades ago when Southeast Asia region was gripped by the fallout of the United States’ war in Vietnam. But the ‘boat people’ phenomenon is back, and this time it has to do with Burma’s Muslim Rohingyas fleeing harsh realities at home.

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