Malaysian Bar Council ex-president wants to build awareness on human trafficking

   Malaysian Bar Council ex-president wants to build

awareness on human trafficking 

KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 — Malaysian Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said she was keen to assist in building social awareness on human trafficking in the country.

Ambiga, who recently received the International Women of Courage Award in Washington, told a press conference here today that human trafficking was an area that needed to be addressed in Malaysia.

“While I was in Washington, we met with several organisations, one of which was the department that deals with anti-human trafficking. Actually, there is an ongoing project in Malaysia.

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Beijing human rights law firm shut down

Beijing human rights law firm shut down

Chinese authorities have shut down a Beijing law firm known for its human rights work and efforts to confront corrupt officials, the head of the company and a rights group said today.

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Yitong Law Firm was closed down for six months on Tuesday for allowing a lawyer to practise without a license, said Li Jinsong, who heads the company.

“This was just a pretext,” L

i told AFP.

“The main reason they wanted to close us down is that some corrupt leaders are trying to protect their names and don’t want us to bring cases against them,” he said.

The agency that issued the order, the judicial department in the Beijing district of Haidian, declined comment.

The firm has handled hundreds of cases dealing with the violation of the rights of ordinary citizens by allegedly corrupt local-level officials, Li said, adding that more than ten lawyers are now out of work. Continue reading

World’s largest parrot pulled back from the brink

MARCH 19 — Scientists in New Zealand have rescued the world’s largest parrot from the brink of extinction. The population of the flightless kakapo has surpassed 100 birds for the first time in decades.

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Rare dengue type on the rise in Singapore

SINGAPORE, March 19 – Dengue numbers are down but public health officers are on high alert. The reason: An unfamiliar dengue virus has emerged which has the potential to spark a major outbreak.

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