Bangkok Post:Kasit asks Burma for cooperation on Rohingya


RANGOON : Thailand has called on the Burmese government to send its embassy staff to help screen those who could be identified as Bengali people in Thailand in an attempt to resolve the Rohingya refugee problem.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya said the government had invited the Burmese staff from its embassy in Bangkok, or those who could speak Bengali, to help interview the Rohingya people in Ranong province.

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NARINJARA:Three Burmese Army Deserters Brought to Dhaka for Interrogation

Cox’sbazar: Three Burmese soldiers that were arrested by Bangladesh forces were brought to army headquarters in Dhaka for interrogation about the border situation and their desertion from the Burmese army, said a source.

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KL, Selayang overrun by Myanmars


KL, Selayang overrun by Myanmars

SELAYANG, especially the area near the Kuala Lumpur Pasar Borong (whosale market), could be mistaken for Yangoon, Myanmar, reported Kosmo! Ahad.

Selayang has now become another township for foreigners similar to the “Mini Jakartas” in Jalan Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur and in Klang.

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