Malaysia ‘intoxicated’ with success and careless about Burmese Muslims

Malaysia ‘intoxicated’ with success and careless about Burmese Muslims 

In his final presidential address, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi acknowledged that Umno’s glory has diminished and the party is now battling for survival.

abdullah ahmad badawi pak lah angry umnoAddressing delegates attending Umno’s 59th annual assembly in Kuala Lumpur, he said members must heed the alarm bells that have rung so loudly, prompting questions such as ‘what went wrong?’ and ‘why and how did we go wrong?’

“My spontaneous response to that question is that we have failed to manage our own success. We were intoxicated by our achievements and we became complacent.

“We believed that we had become all powerful. We have put our own positions within the party first, instead of being concerned over Umno’s positions in the eyes of our citizens and the nation,” he said.

Abdullah said the current situation requires Umno to be introspective, revisit the basis of the party’s struggle and examine the weaknesses and recent missteps.

The president stressed that internal conflicts and greed have also weakened the party, providing fodder to rivals in their efforts to tarnish Umno.


Umno ‘intoxicated’ with success, Malaysiakini news

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