We trusted internetmedia more than mainstream media

Wanita leader: Spare no mercy for online liars
Rahmah Ghazali | Mar 25, 09 7:29pm
Johor Umno Wanita chief Halimah Sadique today suggested that those who abused the Internet to lie and make baseless accusations should be harshly punished by the government.  

halimah sadiqueShe said this when tabling the motion of thanks for the policy speech by the movement’s head at the Umno Wanita general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre today.

See who is lying. On line or mainstream media, when police unintentionally admitted that they had ‘disturbed’ 5000 strong people as stated in internet media but mainstream newspapers reported 1000 only. Shame on you main stream media they are just  ball polishers cheating the people who paid them just to get awards from their political masters.

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