Gibraltar or Jebel Tariq or Tariq’s mountain (Moroccan Berber general, Tariq ibn Ziyad)

Gibraltar or Jebel Tariq or Tariq’s mountain 

(Moroccan Berber general, Tariq ibn Ziyad)

The name “Gibraltar” looks back to an older history that dwarfs these proud 300 years of British rule. The Moors ruled here for well nigh 600 years followed by 200 years of Spanish rule. Gibraltar is actually an Arabic word, a corruption of Jebel Tariq –¬ Tariq’s mountain. It is named after a young Moroccan Berber general, Tariq ibn Ziyad, who had been placed in command of the garrison at Tangier ¬- a new military outpost of the vast Empire of the Muslim Caliphs that then stretched from the Atlantic shore to the banks of the Indus. 
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Pakistanis mark 30 years since Zulfikar Bhutto hanged

Pakistanis mark 30 years since Zulfikar Bhutto hanged

GARHI KHUDA BAKSN (Pakistan), April 4 — Tens of thousands of Pakistanis paid respects at the grave of former leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto today, the 30th anniversary of his execution…
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Beware of Agent-Provocator Mercenary Cyber-troopers misusing my name, San Oo Aung

Beware of Agent-Provocator  Mercenary Cyber-troopers

misusing my name, San Oo Aung 

Dear Democratic friends and Comrades, struggling for the second Independence of the Secular Democratic Union of Burma/Myanmar, from all the religious groups, including Ethnic Minorities and Religious Minorities_

There are Agent-Provocator  Mercenary Cyber-troopers who are misusing the well-known Burmese Democracy Activists including Sit Mone and me, San Oo Aung to discredit us and wishing to incite misunderstandings amongst us.

Sit Mone and me, San Oo Aung are not writing in any forum nor any comments columns of Burmese/Myanmar online magazines, journals, nor any publications. I even stopped writing and contributing to Burma Digest as there appeared the racial discriminations against Burmese Muslims with a disguise of secularism. The Editorial Comrades including Dr Tay Za and I are still good friends, we understand and respect each other’s stand of whether or not wishing to maintain and observe a pure secularism.

Although I write from my POV as a Muslim, I always respected other religions and races and never attack other races or religions.

Dr. San Oo Aung


Ravi Batra, “The New Golden Age”


Ravi Batra, “The New Golden Age”

Raveendra N. Batra (born 27 June 1943) is a U.S. economist and professor at Southern Methodist University in DallasTexas. He is best known for his best selling books The Great Depression of 1990 and Surviving the Great Depression of 1990. In the former book he predicted a sharp rise in the US stock market in the 1980s, followed by a cataclysmic drop and a depression in or around 1990.

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Dr M and wife rejoin Umno

   Dr M and wife rejoin Umno 

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Saturday applied to become an Umno member again, a move which can revive and strengthen the party, said Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Continue reading

Islamic world needs a noble leader like Saladin


Islamic world needs a noble leader like Saladin. Nowadays most of the leaders in OIC are selfish, corrupt, coward eunuchs only.

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Demi Moore saved a life in ER finale but Jade Goody buried


‘ER’ finale draws 16.4 million TV viewers

LOS ANGELES, April 4 – NBC hospital drama “ER” ended its 15-year run by drawing 16.4 million viewers for its final episode, the highest viewership for a drama finale since…Read More

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