Dream of a modern Islamic leader

Dream of a modern Islamic leader

I respect and pray for you especially because of your words, “All Malaysians are equal and all Muslims are equal also”. It is a sharp contrast from an unIslamic Had Hari leaders’ bigoted view even on other Muslims different from his favoured races. Although my late religious leader from Burma, who was your roommate wrote an introduction letter to you I was scared to see or send to you as I may be marked as anti-establishment foreigner. I heard that your friend had passed away in Burma, in Bone Oh near Mandalay. He was a famous state Ulama of Mandalay Division.

I had wrote a letter to former PM Paklah and SIL praising his version of Islam even quoting the salient points in his lecture at the Australia and Germany universities and requesting to accept or include the Burmese Muslims in his version of Islam. Blessing in disguise, they even never bother to reply or response at all. Are they ignorant that the Christians there just listen to them as a respect only.

The final straw that break the back-bone of the Had Hari was_

  1. that person’s acceptance of few hundred thousand of the ECONOMIC MIGRANTS in Sabah issuing various ICs in December 2008
  2. but defending the anti-Muslim SPDC’s Human Rights violations at UNGA on 24th of the same month
  3. and preaching his deviant form of Islam Had Hari at the interview with Bangkok Post to push out Muslim Rohingya into the deep Indian Ocean to let them die.

Allah had rightly punished him and would punish any leader who dare to continue with his unjust, inhumane and un-Islamic Had Hari.

Please read my interview with Tun Dr M and Datuk Seri Dr Wan Aziza Wan Ismail to know how great leaders are humble enough and how arrogant those two Had Hari leaders.

  1. Speaking with Dr. Maharthir, former Malaysia PM (interview in English)[158]
  2. Speaking with Mrs Anwar, Dr. Wan Azizah (interview in English)[161]

‘I have a dream’ by Datuk Nik Aziz

Citing the famous line from Dr Martin Luther King Jr, which was recently echoed by Barrack Obama, Nik Aziz said that he too ‘has a dream’. 

pas 2007 muktamar 020607 nik aziz finger“I have a dream. That in the not so distant future, there will be more individuals from the Chinese, Indian, Siamese, Bajau and Kadazan communities who will step forward to become Qari, Ustaz, Khatib and Imam (Islamic figureheads),” he said.

Delving into history, the spiritual leader said Genghis Khan had led the Moghul army to attack and destroy almost the entire Islamic civilization in Baghdad, but his grandson Aurangzeb had later created an Islamic empire in India.

“Therefore, I have strong faith that Islam’s glory will be restored in this nation through such methods and similar incidents (the controversy surrounding Nga). 

“Maybe YB (Nga) is the person who will lay the foundation stone (to achieve this end),” he added.

In view of this, Nik Aziz said steps must be undertaken to hold seminars and dialogues that dwell on topics such as ‘Where has Islam gone wrong?’ or ‘What is the message of the al-Quran for non-Muslims’.

He said the panelists could be from PAS, Umno DAP, PKR, NGO leaders, lecturers and independent preachers.

The spiritual leader ended his letter by saying, “I thank Allah for your (Nga) strength and courage. Remain steadfast in facing these tests.” 

“God willing, I am witnessing the flicker of a candle in the distance. Let us proceed there together.” 

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