Experts identify compound that may fight bird flu

Experts identify compound that may fight bird flu

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Scientists in Hong Kong and the United States have identified a synthetic compound which appears to be able to stop the replication of influenza viruses, including the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Researchers in Hong Kong and the Unites States screened some 230,000 compounds that were catalogued with the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and found 20 that could potentially restrict the proliferation of the H5N1.

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Penang and Henan, China to promote halal industry

Penang and Henan, China to promote halal industry

GEORGE TOWN: The state and the Henan province in China will work together to promote the halal industry, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said.

He said that Henan, with a Muslim population of 2 million, was an important gateway to penetrate into other parts of China.

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In Islam, Rulers and governments are subordinate to the rule of law

In Islam, Rulers and governments are

subordinate to the rule of law

 ‘When the siege of the city of Madinah became too perilous and the Prophet [Muhammad, pbuh] sought to break the unity of the enemy groups by negotiating a [secret] agreement with the Taif group according to which they would withdraw on the payment of one-third of the city’s agricultural products to them, Sa’ad Ibn Mu’az (the chief of the Aus tribe) came to know about it. 

‘He went up to the Prophet (pbuh) and politely asked: ‘Was the agreement sanctioned by revelation?’ the Prophet replied, ‘No, but I am seeking to relieve you.’ Sa’ad took the document of the agreement that was about to be signed and tore it up, saying, ‘Now that Allah has strengthened us by you, how can they get from us now what they could not get before?’
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The New Zealand Herald:Fiji compared to Burma as junta tightens its grip

Fiji is deteriorating into the Burma of the South Pacific, say regional experts who warn the troubled nation is now staring at years of stifling military rule and financial destitution.

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The West Australian:Burma to discuss Rohingya issue

Burma’s military regime has indicated it’s willing to sit down with other countries in the region to discuss the plight of Rohingya asylum seekers.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says concerned countries raised the issue at a morning meeting on the sidelines of a people smuggling summit in Bali.

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Mizzima:“Thingyan Festival” – the sad side

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Even as Burmese people across the country, swathed in a festive mood, look forward to the Burmese New Year and the rejuvenating water festival, a resident in Laputta town of the Irrawaddy delta said things are grim for him.
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Guantanamo captive phones TV office, claims abuse


Guantanamo captive phones TV office, claims abuse

MIAMI (Reuters) – A young Guantanamo prisoner from Chad was given permission to telephone a relative but instead called the al Jazeera television network and said he was being beaten and abused at the U.S. detention camp.

Guantanamo captive phones TV office, claims abuse


UK police face new probe into G20 protests conduct

LONDON (Reuters) – A British police watchdog group will investigate a second suspected incident of police violence during demonstrations against the G20 this month after video footage emerged on Tuesday of an officer lashing out at a woman.