4 M or Myanma’s miserable mainstream media

4 M or Myanma’s miserable mainstream media

Hitlar’s Information minister, Josef Goebbels, who famously remarked that “I consider radio to be the most modern and the most crucial instrument for influencing the masses..”

Apparently holding a similar belief in the propaganda power of air media, the potency of TV having surpassed even that of radio since Goebbels’ time, is Myanmar’s miserable mainstream media.

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Reuters:Chewing gum may raise maths grades in teens

CHICAGO (Reuters) – In a study likely to make school janitors cringe, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday that chewing gum may boost academic performance in teenagers.

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The Irrawaddy:Junta Trying to Erase Non-Burman Identities, Say Ethnic Groups

Burma’s military junta is carrying out a policy of “Burmanization” in areas under its control, using land confiscation and intermarriage, sometimes by force, to dilute ethnic identities, according to a new report by three exiled ethnic groups released on Tuesday.

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