United Nations is useless

United Nations is useless

When I was small, during the school days, in modern history chapter, they use to potray how civilized the world has become, united in a common fight for humanity and human race. How the nations of the world, differing in every single way, but got together to build up U.N. That was then. UN official idiots never seriously believe that Israel will stop attacking Palestine kids for that PIECE OF PAPER called UN RESOLUTION. You think Burma-junta will release Ang Suu Kyi and really transform Myanmar into a truley democratic state, that China will stop harrasing Tibetians movement?  (Note: I changed or edited and put some more facts and some words in this paragraph.)

Now. Firstly, why named it ‘United’ Nations when none of the nations are united? They are all taking advantage of the system for their ownselves. Why create a union when 5-power members can veto anything they wish? And above all, communist China is in the 5 powerful nations? Its CHINA! One of the worst in terms of human rights. Tiananmen Square, remember?

How useless can the UN be? In Sudan, we were having a GENOCIDE going on there. It took UN a bloody long time to actually lift their middle finger and raise their eye brows. The way UN acts is simple, let people die, let them die even more, when the number is 100,000, we’ll start activating our cells. Now lets see if more dies, once a new record of deaths is reached, United Nations of the world shall move in a MOTION, a piece of junk which has all the signatories of the willing nation. To stop the killings, the UN will spend 3-long days just to think on whether to use the word ‘genocide’ or ‘killing’ in a sentence in a paragraph of a statement. Meanwhile, let the number of deaths rise. Its good for publicity. UN the almighty will spend tremendous amount of time,money and resources to come to an agreement on the RESOLUTION, the most powerfull piece of paper next to money. 

WTH? You idiots seriously think that Israel will stop attacking Palestine kids for that PIECE OF PAPER? You think Burma-junta will release Ang Suu Kyi, that China will stop harrasing Tibetians movement? And after the week long process of producing resolution, you expect the lives of the thousands to be saved? Saved by a magical scroll filled with filthy inks?

For the Sudan war, everyone knew that shits are happening in Khartoum. The UN peacekeeper went in , hooray, but not in Khartoum. They went to the other parts of the country. Smart! The United Nations knew earlier that what is happening in Sri Lanka is a bloody GENOCIDE. A genocide that the 21st century modern day world has never seen such magnitude of seriousness. 500,000 people are being subjected to persecution in the coming years. They knew more than 20,000 people have died in the hands of Sinhales government yet they kept their mouth shut. The guys in suits and ties and polished shoes were more busy in having their toilet bowls cleaned so that the germs would never harm them in any way possible. The free-from-germ is more important than saving 20,000 lives. Afterall, the 20,000 are not Jews, they are just some people from the old civilization who lost their kingdom.

Who cares?

On Wednesday, the UN Human Rights Council , whos members are all tainted themselves with human rights violations – Pakistan, India, Isreal, China- , unbelievably CONGRATULATED Sri Lanka for ‘liberating’ the minorities and getting rid of terrorism. The United Nations can now officially go to hell for being the symbol of the failure of human race.

This is how Sri Lanka ’saves Tamils‘ ;

atrocities by srilankan army

The 2 kids , and their father (not seen here) were hanged to death by SriLanka DeepPenetrationUnit. The mother, was raped, before killed.

chencholai massacre

This is an orphanage, Chenncholai, were all the kids were killed by SL forces in 2006. Yes, 2006. The world, was busy with their toilet bowl cleansing.

May God ( if He exist!) punish all of you who failed to save the thousands of people who were depending on you. Ameen!


United Nations is useless, by Mahendran


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  1. there is no humanity for those innocent people in India itself then how will UN???

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