China bars Twitter ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

China bars Twitter ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

A placard is displayed by a protester standing in front of the national emblem of China outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong— Reuters

BEIJING, June 2 — Access to the popular social networking service Twitter and email service Hotmail was blocked across mainland China late today, two days before the twentieth anniversary of a bloody crackdown on Tiananmen Square.

Indignant users filled chatrooms with protest, after access to Twitter was denied shortly after 5:00 pm today.

“The whole Twitter community in China has been exploding with it,” said Beijing-based technology commentator Kaiser Kuo.

“It’s just part of life here. If anything surprises me, it’s that it took them so long.”

Thursday is the twentieth anniversary of June 4, 1989, when tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square before dawn to quell weeks of protest by students and workers. China has never released a death toll from the crackdown on what it classes as a “counter-revolutionary” conspiracy.

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Dr M: Blogs virtually expose the truth

Dr M: Blogs virtually expose the truth

KUALA LUMPUR: The Internet, particularly blogs, could be useful for making the truth known, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

He said knowledge that could be accessed through the Internet was limitless, but like all things, its acquisition could be for good or evil.

“The blogs for example can be used to demonise people, scare them and create panic. The SMS (Short Message Service) can be used for similar purposes.

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Survey: 1 mil M’sians suffer from chronic pain

Survey: 1 mil M’sians suffer from chronic pain

One million Malaysians are in various states of chronic pain – back and neck pain, arthritis, cancer, or migraine – which lead to depression, insomnia, fear, or in a constant state of irritability, says a survey.

hiv aids sick patient 230507 handsThe recently completed National Health and Morbidity Survey III, conducted by the Public Health Institute under the Ministry of Health, showed that out of the one million aged 18 and above – or seven percent of the population – are chronic pain sufferers.

About 82 percent of these sufferers said pain interferes with their daily lives.

Chronic pain is generally defined as persistent pain which lasts three months or more, or pain that persists after the injury has healed.

Those in chronic pain state would feel suffering, insomnia, anxiety, depression, frustration, suicidal risks and thoughts, fatigue and immobility, etc, said Dr Roland Chia, executive chairman of Rafflesia Medical Centre in Kota Kinabalu.

This can result in being home- or wheelchair-bound, loss of job, family and community status, he added.

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Malaysian Prince’s ultimatum to Indonesian model wife: Prove allegations of abuse or face lawsuit

Malaysian Prince’s ultimatum to Indonesian model wife:

Prove allegations of abuse or face lawsuit

manohara odelia pinot tengku kelantan royal indonesia model controversy 210409 02Three days after her dramatic rescue in Singapore, teen model Manohara Odelia Pinot gets an ultimatum from the Kelantan palace to prove of her allegations of abuse inflicted by her husband, Tengku Mohammad Fakhry Petra, a Kelantan prince.
Manohara (right) has seven days to produce evidence that she was tortured and abused or else she has to face legal action.

“Tengku Mohammad Fakhry has demanded for proof (of the alleged abuse). If she fails to show evidence within a week, he will pursue the necessary action,” said businessman Mohd Soberi Shafii, a close friend to the prince.

Mohd Soberi told Malaysiakini when contacted today that Manohara and her mother Daisy Fajarina must also publicly apologise over the defamatory allegations they had leveled against the Kelantan prince.

He also said that any further action that will be taken against Manohara and Daisy through the court or the authorities will be decided once they engage a suitable lawyer – which will be done after the end of the ultimatum deadline of June 9.

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It Takes Two to Tango? Tun Dr M wants immunity for graft whistleblowers and Penang Chief Minister offer RM 10 K reward

It Takes Two to Tango? Tun Dr M wants immunity for graft whistleblowers

and Penang Chief Minister offer RM 10 K reward

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the law must be made effective in battling the scourge of corruption.

“One of the ways is to give immunity to the aggrieved party reporting the case, provided that the evidence was substantial and not perjury,” the 84-year-old statesman added in his blog posting.

mahathir cyberjaya lecture 220409 q&a sessionMahathir said the law on corruption in Malaysia is framed in a manner that it promotes crime rather than prevent them.

He said it seems logical and right that those who receive illegal gratification should be considered guilty of breaking the law and should therefore be punished.

“But when we talk of corruption we think of those endowed with power abusing their power in order to gain personal benefit. We think those who offer gratification as being the victim and should be given some consideration.

“But the law says that those who pay for the service they receive should also be considered as guilty and should be equally deserving of punishment,” he added.

Unwilling to report

Since both the giver and the recipient may be charged with corruption, Mahathir said both would be unwilling to report the incident.

This of course makes corruption difficult if not impossible to be brought to a court of law and tried successfully, he added.

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The deadly toll of abortion

The deadly toll of abortion

BEREGA, June 2 — A handwritten ledger at the hospital tells a grim story.

For the month of January, 17 of the 31 minor surgical procedures here were done to repair the results of “incomplete abortions.” A few may have been miscarriages, but most were botched operations by untrained, clumsy hands.

Abortion is illegal in Tanzania (except to save the mother’s life or health), so women and girls turn to amateurs, who may dose them with herbs or other concoctions, pummel their bellies or insert objects vaginally. 

Infections, bleeding and punctures of the uterus or bowel can result, and can be fatal. Doctors treating women after these bungled attempts sometimes have no choice but to remove the uterus.

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Guns N’ Roses – Civil War (Music Video)

Is this a bad omen or warning to SPDC Military Junta?

Is this a bad omen or warning to SPDC Military Junta?


Yangon Pagoda collapsed Reuters

A rescue worker looks through the rubble of the ancient Danok pagoda, after the pagoda collapsed a day earlier about 30km (19 miles) south of Yangon May 31, 2009. At least two people were killed and more than two dozens others were injured when the recently renovated pagoda collapsed in a village on Saturday afternoon.


a rescue worker looks through …
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